Cozistyle Announces New Anti-Theft Bag, Cozistyle Brief Case for MacBook.

Cozistyle Brief case is perfect Anti-Theft bag for MacBook made of water-repellent Poly-fabric. Slim and stylish Brief case designed for carrying MacBook or other laptops with perfect protection, organization, safety and comfort. This bag is designed for daily life and travel. Brief Case features Anti-Theft hidden double-layered zipper. Protecting your personal stuff from thief in the crowded street or transport.

Brief Case for Macbook and Laptops

Cozistyle Brief Case Anti-Theft bags - double layer zipper with double security.

Cozistyle has integrated its own patented double-layered zipper technology into the Brief Case. The MacBook case with Invisible and water repellent zipper makes difficult to unzip your bag in crowded transport or street.

Cozistyle Brief Case is most safe bag for MacBook with Anti-theft features, which provides protection for your personal belongings. Cozistyle owns patent of double-layered zipper technology integrated in to MacBook bag. Features: - Hidden Anti-Theft water repellent double layer zipper. - Water repellent Poly-Fabric exterior. - Slim and lightweight for easy carrying - Organization, safety and comfort

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Cozistyle Brief Case features:

-       Lightweight and stylish, designed for carrying your MacBook and other mobile devices with perfect organization.

-       Hidden double-layered zipper provides protection for your personal belongings with high level security against the potential thieves.

-       Bag made of special developed poly-fabric with water-repellent and anti-smudge features.

Available in two options: Dark Blue and Gray colors

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Source: Cozistyle Corp

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