Covenant Marriage Academy Anounces Its "First Annual Online Conference"

Register Now for Unleash 2018, An Online Conference for Improving Marriage, Finances, Spirituality, and More!

​Marriage and Relationships experts along with HuffPost contributors invite you to unleash the best version of you on December 26th in an online conference that advises in RELATIONSHIPS, LIFE, FINANCES and WHOLE PERSON!

As successful marriage counselors, financial advocates and spiritual ambassadors, Obi and Belinda Ndu want to teach others how to unleash the best versions of themselves in their first annual webinar conference Unleash 2018. Both Obi and Belinda are longtime servants of the Lord, successful entrepreneurs and life ministers. Their success has been recognized by Fox, NBC, The Huffington Post and other publications. 

Since we want you to be truly successful before the New Year, we are making this online conference super affordable for everyone. We can't wait to help you unleash the best version of you!

Obi Ndu, Co-Founder, Covenant Marriage Academy

The live online webinar will take place on December 26, 2017, and registration is now open. Unleash 2018 (otherwise known as "Unleash the Best Version of You: Master the 5 Areas of Life in 2018) will equip up to 900 participants with the tools they need to reshape their lives for the better. The online conference will host 8 events focusing on the “Whole Person”  with emphasis on marriage, relationships, affirmative minds, a closer relationship with Christ and more. Each event will be lead by renowned speakers such as Bishop Bart Pierce, Carlos and Cecilia Spencer, and Dr. Keith Henry ND. 

Unleash 2018 comes at an exclusive discount of $97. The cost includes VIP access to the online conference, unlimited access to Obi and Belinda’s Home Study Guide, access to a private Facebook group, a PDF guide on powerful affirmations and a copy of the Obi and Belinda’s New book, “Tips on Joining the Secret Society of Happy Marriages” EBook. 

“Since we want you to be truly successful before the New Year, we are making this online conference super affordable for everyone. We can't wait to help you unleash the best version of you!” –Obi Ndu 

To read up on more about Unleash 2018, go to Space is limited and registration will close after the 900 seats are filled. 

About Obi and Belinda Ndu

Obi Ndu is an entrepreneur, author, husband and father who specializes in life ministering to help give people a brighter, more successful future by building a stronger bond between husband and wife. Belinda Ndu is a certified marriage counselor, entreprenuer, mother and wife who continues to build a strong foundation for couples. 

Together, Obi and Belinda Ndu serve as marriage counselors through  Covenant Marriage Academy. They use their knowledge, experience and faith to lead individuals and couples to success. Through their programs, couples can reunite and grow ever closer under the guidance of God.

​Obi and Belinda Ndu​
Covenant Marriage Academy
South Atlanta, Georgia
P: 407-486-6758

Source: Covenant Marriage Academy


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