Coupon Hippo Has Released Their New Infographic Detailing India's $75 Billion E-Commerce Market Projected for 2021

Indian Ecommerce study and infographic detailing how India is poised to be one of the biggest ecommerce markets by 2021.

India Ecommerce Growth - Infographic

​Smartphone use in India has risen sharply with more than 200 million users, overtaking the United States, and perfectly positioning businesses like Coupon Hippo to promote a growing online shopping market.

Coupon Hippo, India's most forward thinking coupon and savings website, focuses on using new technology to help users save where they want and when they want. The company has recently released a new study, provided as an infographic, which details the growing ecommerce market in India, which is projected to reach $75 billion in sales by 2021. The study, backed by market research and cited sources, visualizes why some of the biggest companies like Amazon and Uber are already focusing on India.

India is perfectly positioned for serious ecommerce growth in the next few years

Sunaina Patel, PR Director

India will become the most populated country on earth and jump to the sixth biggest ecommerce market by 2021, passing Spain, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea and France over the next five years. The infographic notes that India’s ecommerce market is growing by 80 percent thanks to the rise in mobile phones. People across India are getting their first access to the internet via smartphones in huge numbers. India will be the only large country with double digit mobile adoption until 2021.

Coupon Hippo’s research shows that there will be more Indians accessing the internet via their mobile phones than the entire U.S. population. This trend will also make India the largest Facebook audience in the world, passing the U.S. Foreign companies like Amazon and Uber are currently battling Indian rivals to gain a foothold. Amazon is investing $5 billion to beat rival Flipkart. Uber is battling OLA Cabs who has a much larger Indian market share already.

“India is perfectly positioned for serious ecommerce growth in the next few years and we are preparing our company to be one of the leaders ready to help promote savings online,” says Sunaina Patel, PR Director at Coupon Hippo. “We provided this study so that our customers can see just how primed our economy is for this mobile explosion and online market growth.”

The infographic gives a detailed overview as well as projected stats across industries, market segments, interesting facts related to gender demographics in India and more. The infographic titled The Future of Ecommerce in India is available for free on the company’s website.

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Future of Ecommerce in India

India in Business Ministry of Internal Affairs - 'India to overtake US in smartphones by 2016'

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