County Rankings of Alabama's Biggest Deer Now Viewable Online

The Alabama Whitetail Records' county-by-county rankings are now online, according to the AWR staff. Users can view all the record book deer and even see the rankings for each county.

Jefferson County Rankings

 Alabama Whitetail Records announced today that it has launched a website and phone app allowing hunters to view where each deer ranks in all of the counties in Alabama. AWR is the state record book for measuring and scoring antlers in Alabama. Previously, these rankings only included deer with large antlers and were only viewable through the hardcover books periodically published by the organization. Now, all deer are being included in the county rankings regardless of size. All of the measurements, rankings, pictures and hunting stories are accessible online for free through their website and phone app. 

"We have been working toward this goal for about five years now," explained Michael Smith, one of the directors of AWR. "Phase one was building a museum where people could stop in and view some of these wonderful deer. We finished that in Thomaston, AL, a couple of years ago. Since then our focus has been on bringing the entire records system and rankings to all of the hunters and supporters in the most accessible way possible. We also decided to open up the county rankings to all deer regardless of what size they are. We feel this is a way for everyone to participate and to create a comprehensive database of deer records for each county. We are particularly excited about the great response we are receiving from youth hunters that love having their buck scored and pictures entered into the county rankings."  

For any hunters wanting to have their buck scored, there are official stations all over the state that measure them. Hunters can just register on the Alabama Whitetail Records website to have their deer scored and will be directed to the nearest scoring location. Viewing the records and rankings online is free to everyone. For anyone wanting to contact AWR: Michael Smith

Source: Alabama Whitetail Records

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