CounterCraft 'Highly Commended' for Award-Winning Deception Technology at Infosecurity Europe 2019 and Celebrates Enrollment in LORCA's 3rd Cohort

Leading European cyber deception company CounterCraft demonstrates its most advanced deception solution yet, allowing users to control their adversaries' next move in highly credible synthetic environments

CounterCraft at InfoSecurity Europe - G100

Award-winning cyber deception provider, CounterCraft, celebrates an impressive week of achievements at Infosecurity Europe 2019. The company is delighted to have been recognised for its innovative contribution to this emerging field within cybersecurity, walking away from the SC Awards Europe 2019 as the Highly Commended vendor in the category for Best Deception Technology, and this week begins its journey as part of LORCA’s Cohort 3, in which the business will receive world-class expert support to scale over the next 12 months.

Marking their third year running at Infosecurity Europe, CounterCraft experts invite event-goers to experience hands-on deception at booth G100, where they’re demonstrating the true power of using deception technology to enhance and accelerate enterprise-level threat hunting programs and strategic defense-in-depth activity. Alongside this, CounterCraft is attending a highly anticipated programme of events to kickstart LORCA’s most international cohort yet at East London’s hub for innovation, Plexal. Recognised for their potential for growth, CounterCraft is thrilled to have been selected as a product that goes beyond current offerings and represents proactive, intelligence-led security and will relish the opportunity to be a part of building the U.K.’s international cybersecurity profile.

On Tuesday, June 4, CounterCraft was awarded ‘Highly Commended’ status in the category for Best Deception Technology at the SC Awards Europe 2019. These awards recognise the companies, products and services that are at the top of their game when it comes to defeating adversaries and that exemplify best practice in terms of customer satisfaction.

In addition, Head of Threat Intelligence, Nahim Fazal, will present “Building Cyber Resilience to Sustained & Persistent Cyber Attacks” on Thursday at Infosecurity Europe, sharing practical tips for CISOs on enhancing business resilience and building a strategy designed to sustain BAU operations once the promised breach has happened.

Dan Brett, Chief Strategy Officer, commented: “This is our third year exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe and forms part of our commercial and partnership strategy to strengthen our connection with the U.K. market and maintain our position as a go-to solution for enterprise deception technology globally. We’re talking to attendees about getting the very best output from the threat hunting programmes many organisations are on the cusp of implementing, specifically how they can use deception to maximise limited resource and budget currently available. We’re also thrilled that resident expert Nahim Fazal will join the fantastic lineup of speakers at the Strategy Talks theatre this Thursday to equip CISOs with practical guidance on using contextualised threat intel to keep calm and carry on once a breach has occurred – don’t miss it.”  

Full-Spectrum Cyber Deception

CounterCraft empowers organizations to strengthen their security posture more efficiently than ever before. Designed and developed by cyber security experts, the solution delivers personalized, actionable intelligence in real time to facilitate early threat detection, accelerate incident response and significantly reduce security spend.

CounterCraft proactive deception and counterintelligence capabilities enable organizations to deploy highly credible fictitious assets across their networks in a synthetic environment, designed to mimic the organization’s existing network, systems and naming conventions. External adversaries and malicious insiders cannot tell the difference between real and false assets. When adversaries engage with false information, fake systems and decoy identities, they trigger immediate, genuine alerts that help threat hunters and security teams to investigate and control the attack. This delivers valuable insights into the attacker’s motivations, tools and techniques. The latest product release includes full integration of the MITRE ATT&CK™ classification schema, providing an at-a-glance view of threat actor behavior within the deception environment. The correlation and integration of the deception environment and the intelligence obtained with MITRE ATT&CK™ affords unprecedented threat hunting and investigative power to understand attackers’ modus operandi.

It is the first product that automates the design, implementation, supervision and maintenance of cyber deception campaigns across an organization’s entire spectrum of digital assets. This automation has the potential to reduce counterintelligence costs by up to 95%, compared to manual techniques.

This emerging market for cybersecurity deception has huge potential; CounterCraft is currently the only company operating in this space in Europe. According to Gartner consultants, the market for this technology is expected to exceed $3,000 million by 2020.

About CounterCraft

CounterCraft is a pioneering provider of full-spectrum cyber deception and ground-breaking threat hunting and cyber counterintelligence tools to detect, investigate and control targeted attacks. The award-winning solution combines powerful campaign automation with controlled synthetic environments to allow attackers to penetrate organizations without doing real damage. CounterCraft is recognized worldwide for its radical contribution to the deception technology market and operates in more than 20 Fortune 500 Index companies globally, including financial institutions, governments and Law Enforcement Agencies.

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