Countdown to Halloween With a 61 Day Hauntathon of Daily Haunted Attraction Podcasts Beginning Sept 1

Masters of Halloween Will Provide a Wide Range of Informative and Entertaining Content Sept. 1-Oct. 31

61 Day Hauntathon

Countdown to Halloween with daily podcasts from the Haunted Attraction Network's annual Hauntathon. From Sept. 1-Oct. 31, this daily programming will help haunted attractions and fans navigate the unique challenges of this upcoming Halloween season.  

Programming Details

Haunted Attraction Network has gathered a gang of ghouls to provide a wide range of informative and entertaining content, including:

  • State of the Industry Updates from the Haunted Attraction Association Board Members
  • Trip Reports from The ScareFactor, The Hauntline, and ScareTrack
  • Hack Hacks, Implementable Tricks to Provide Haunt Professionals Helpful Information in Small Packages, from Scott Swenson
  • Industry News from Green Tagged, Haunter's Toolbox, and Socalloween909
  • Foam Carving and Decorating from Victoria Lohman of Hot Wire Foam Factory
  • Various Poems and Short Stories of the Dark and Witchy Sort from Whispers of a Witch
  • Guerrilla Marketing from Scary Good Marketing
  • Last-Minute Haunt Lighting from Gantom Lighting & Controls
  • Haunt Owner Check-Ins from Around the World

From the Community

"This year's Halloween is critical for the industry, and we'll be there every day to help. While we're producing serious segments on emerging issues, we also need some room to enjoy the holiday. I'm thrilled with the balance of informative and entertaining content that we have lined up. I'm grateful to all the partners that have stepped up to help this year," said Philip Hernandez, Publisher at the Haunted Attraction Network and CEO of Gantom Lighting.

"Our board members are a wealth of knowledge and we're excited for this opportunity to share solutions to the challenges for this season. It's also in alignment with our goal of connecting more with our members," added Spencer Terry, Board President of the Haunted Attraction Association.


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Source: Haunted Attraction Network


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