Cost-effective Sailing School In Vancouver

Capt Mac's School of Seamanship in Vancouver, BC offers sailing lessons to individuals at cost-effective rates.

Capt Mac's School of Seamanship is winning enthusiasts' faith through its cost-effective sailing lessons in Vancouver, BC.

BC's Gulf islands are known for challenging waters and to become a competent sailor, one needs to get proper sailing lessons.

This sailing offers 5 or 7 day live-aboard sailing lessons. The main objective of this sailing school is to upgrade sailing skills of enthusiasts. Cost-affectivity feature includes following points:

Systematic teaching style

Capt Mac himself is an experienced sailor and has been teaching sailing lessons to students since 1983. He has certified numerous students with his effective sailing lessons. He goes through all sailing instructions and other needs to facilitate individuals. Sailing lessons are composed of primary to offshore sailing instructions.

Every training day comes with theory lessons and practical training skills. Anchorages and other facilities are provided to let one experience different aspects of cruising. And this systematic way of teaching saves a lot of money.

Other services

Capt Mac has been serving sailing enthusiasts with many other services apart from sailing lessons. He takes care of facilities like on-board food, official CYA textbook, accommodation and other manuals related to sailing information. Services include proper check up of safety equipments etc or other materials required by trainee sailors.

Charter services

Basically, rates of charter services are dependent on number of days preferred by the individual. Cost-affectivity feature of charter rates is that it offers 15 % discount on shoulder season and 20 % discount on hardy season.

All these points make this sailing school a cost-effective sailing school for enthusiasts.