Cos DiMaggio Named President of BrainGu

BrainGu, a DevSecOps innovation lab currently focused on delivering secure platforms and mission-critical software to the U.S. government, announced this week that Cos DiMaggio has been appointed to the position of President. Past President and company founder John Spencer will retain the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Cos DiMaggio

"Cos has provided a massive lift to the BrainGu leadership team for the last year and a half in an advisory capacity," said John Spencer, CEO & Co-Founder of BrainGu. "His experience leading highly technical organizations in the defense innovation space will prove invaluable as BrainGu continues to navigate this period of hypergrowth. The innovative software we originate at BrainGu is at the heart of that growth, and moving forward its development and successful deployment will be job number one. As President, Cos will help ensure that BrainGu continues to grow and scale responsibly. A key goal will be to shift focus to a partner channel-driven sales strategy, driving the value of our technology through key relationships with new and existing partners to expose BrainGu to wider audiences."

Cos is an expert in organizational development and transformation. He has established and led private-sector and nonprofit organizations for close to 35 years. Prior to joining BrainGu, he was a co-founder and CEO of The Tauri Group, and led national security teams at DynCorp, Futron, System Planning Corporation, and SRA, providing analytical and advisory support to arms control, intelligence, emergency preparedness, and missile defense programs. This experience will prove essential as BrainGu continues to expand its partner reach by marketing its comprehensive suite of data security platforms to new channel partners currently struggling to meet stringent and evolving security requirements.

"After advising the leadership team for over a year, I could feel the excitement surrounding BrainGu's novel approach to cyber-secure software solutions, and I wanted to play a bigger role in bringing those products to market. The expertise and expediency driving their high-touch services have placed BrainGu on the verge of explosive growth and I look forward to helping the company navigate those challenges." - Cos DiMaggio, President of BrainGu.

About Us

BrainGu makes a DevSecOps-enabled Platform for mission-critical software that boasts exceptional user and developer experience. Working directly with end-users and with software development teams to continuously improve capabilities by automating pinch points, BrainGu enables rapid, secure software delivery.

BrainGu's vision is to empower software development teams that are traditionally constrained by complex regulatory requirements. For our US Government and Defense Industrial Base customers, this enables them to solve complex national security challenges for the United States and its allies through technology solutions that emphasize fielded, meaningful mission capability in the hands of operators, analysts, and mission owners. Organizations can leverage this Platform to accelerate their delivery, beating out the competition who rely on spreadsheets and meetings to achieve their regulatory responsibilities.

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About BrainGu

BrainGu is an innovation lab that specializes in DevSecOps solutions. We solve complex challenges by taking a human-centric approach to incubating and scaling technologies that solve real-world problems in the hands of operators and mission owners.

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