CORSA PERFORMANCE Introduces New Pro Series Performance Parts Line

Premium Aftermarket Parts Manufacturer Has Unveiled a New Line of Non-Application Specific Parts for Custom and Resto-Mod Builds

After 25 years of engineering excellence producing high-end exhaust systems and cold air intakes for automotive enthusiasts, CORSA PERFORMANCE has added a new line of premium aftermarket upgrades to its product lineup. CORSA developed the Pro Series line in response to the demand from customers looking for acoustic and performance-oriented solutions for classic muscle cars and heavily modified vehicles. The Pro Series line includes new Custom Muffler and Custom Packed Resonator options ideally suited for classic vehicles from the 1960s to the present. Utilizing CORSA's proprietary No Drone RSC® (Reflective Sound Cancellation) Technology, these components can be used independently to eliminate common drone-inducing frequencies present in V8 engines or paired together to reduce volume, control unwanted sound frequencies and deepen exhaust notes.

With the Pro Series Line, automotive enthusiasts can expect simple solutions to reduce drone, control volume, and tailor exhaust notes to their custom and resto-mod builds. Features of CORSA Pro Series custom mufflers and packed resonators include: 

  • RSC® Drone Mitigating Technology 
  • Reversible Straight-Through Design To Maximize Airflow 
  • Multiple Configurations in 2.5" & 3.0" to Suit Any Vehicle
  • CORSA Engineered Quality and Construction 
  • High-Temperature Sound Absorption Material Tested to 700C or 1360F 
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction

The Pro Series line also includes several other non-application-specific parts engineered to benefit sound, improve performance and increase engine longevity. Newly developed CORSA Oil Catch Cans and Custom Exhaust Tips are aimed at performance enthusiasts who crave even simpler and more affordable acoustic and performance solutions for their stock or upgraded vehicles. CORSA has stated that these aftermarket upgrades are designed with the reliability, style, and quality customers have come to expect from the brand.

As a part of TMG Performance Products, CORSA PERFORMANCE continues to lead the industry in creating high-performance aftermarket components that deliver the best driving experience to customers worldwide. Since 1998, the Ohio-based company has utilized its ground-breaking RSC® Technology to engineer globally-recognized performance products for many popular applications. With assurances built into every step of the design and manufacturing process, CORSA provides consumer confidence and world-class service. Don't settle for stock parts. Look to CORSA for the sound, style, and performance you deserve.

For all media or sales inquiries, please contact the CORSA team directly at (440) 891-0999 or (800) 486-0999.

Source: CORSA Performance