CORRECTION: Service Direct Announces Marketplace Form Leads for Home Service Contractors

The new product will help home service businesses to connect with potential customers and grow their business cost-effectively.

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Service Direct, a leading name in local lead generation for home service companies, announced the official launch of "Marketplace Form Leads." This innovative product is set to revolutionize the way home improvement contractors across the United States connect with homeowners.

Marketplace Form Leads offers an exclusive, real-time source of web leads from U.S. homeowners actively seeking to hire a home improvement company. Homeowners submit project details and their contact information online, and Service Direct ensures that this information is sent in real-time to the local service business that best matches their service needs. Just like Service Direct's Phone Call Leads, clients can choose their own Cost Per Lead (CPL), monitor their progress with Form Leads, input revenue from won jobs, and precisely calculate their return on investment (ROI).

Unique Selling Points:

  • Tailored Form Leads: Clients can select the Service Subcategories they wish to receive, ensuring they receive Form Leads that perfectly align with their business needs.
  • Flexible CPL Options: Clients have the freedom to set their Cost Per Lead (CPL) based on the Service Subcategory, allowing for optimized ROI targeting.
  • Progress Tracking: Clients can monitor the progress of their purchased Form Leads, including booked appointment rates, job win rates, and cost per booked appointment.
  • Quality Assurance: Clients can submit Form Leads for review by Service Direct's Quality Assurance team if they feel the lead lacks proper contact information.

"For over 15 years, Service Direct has helped pioneer local lead generation for home service companies. With the launch of Marketplace Form Leads, we have taken another step in ensuring we fulfill our mission to build human-enabled, smart technologies that help local service businesses achieve their goals,” said Brian Abernethy, CEO of Service Direct. “Marketplace Form Leads are yet another way our clients can connect in real-time with homeowners in their area in need of services they provide. As with our Phone Calls, clients can choose a CPL that makes sense for their business, ensuring they see the results they need to grow their business cost-effectively."

Product Results/Data:

Marketplace Form Leads has been in Beta for nine months, during which over 100 beta clients purchased more than 6,200 Marketplace Form Leads. The dispute rate for Marketplace Form Leads is less than 10%, and the average CPL chosen by clients is just 30% of the CPL for Phone Calls in the same service category. Over 75% of clients who opted into receiving Form Leads during our Beta release continue to purchase Form Leads.

Limited Time Offer:

To celebrate the launch of Marketplace Form Leads, Service Direct is offering $100 in Lead Credits for any clients that opt in to receive Form Leads by 12/31/23.

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