Founded One Percent for a Roof to Help Improving Poor Housing Conditions

1% For a Roof is excited to announce that they have founded One Percent for a Roof, a unique opportunity for corporate housing providers to give back to people from underdeveloped areas in the world who do not have access to proper housing. Being in the business of providing high-end and corporate housing, wanted to give the company a bigger meaning by using this project to create an opportunity for the development of sustainable housing projects in locations where funding is difficult to access. has already begun reinvesting 1% of all marketplace partner sales towards housing projects through One Percent for a Roof, and hopes to encourage others in the corporate housing industry to take part in this exciting project.

For people living in precarious conditions, a housing loan can mean not only keeping their family safe and healthy, but can improve their overall living conditions, ensuring a stable life for themselves and their family. The loans can be used for buying construction materials such as stones, sand, cement. It empowers rural women and also helps communities protect themselves from diseases spread by poor sanitation.

Imagine if every time a client books a high-end furnished apartment, it also helps someone else in a remote area to improve their living conditions,” Vladimir De Suàrez, CEO of said of the project. “If all corporate housing companies do this small gesture, we could make a big difference in these communities and give more meaning to the work we do. Together we can make a significant difference in empowering entrepreneurs and developing sustainable housing projects in impoverished and remote areas. When multiple big players are involved, everyone benefits.

Working in the industry, corporate housing companies understand how important housing can be to people and how a home can be so much more than just a roof over your head. When travellers rent a marketplace partner apartment with, 1% from their rental goes to help people with poor housing conditions in developing countries. clients can help improving poor housing conditions simply by booking a furnished apartment while benefiting from concierge service, quality guarantee and central locations. has already begun reinvesting a 1% of marketplace partner sales to provide loans to numerous sustainable housing projects in areas such as Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico where bank loans and other funding are inaccessible. Join Team on Kiva with One Percent for a Roof today.