Corporate Care Partners With Inspirotec Inc. to Safely Reopen Facilities With the Help of Innovative Air Testing Technology

 Corporate Care, one of the nation's largest interior specialty building maintenance and restoration companies, announced a new partnership with Inspirotec, Inc. to introduce AirAnswers®, an innovative air sampling device that monitors commercial indoor air quality and verifies airborne health and safety protocols. Corporate Care's expertise in cleaning, remediation, and data reporting strategies, merged with the AirAnswers groundbreaking technology, will deliver businesses and customers greater peace of mind while dining, shopping, going to school or returning to work.

AirAnswers is the only commercially available air sampling device that uses the same rocket-based science as NASA. AirAnswers has the capability to collect ultrafine, biological particles in the air and can detect airborne allergens, molds, and bacteria, in addition to viruses, such as coronavirus, in indoor environments. This revolutionary combination of sampling and detection has been tested and validated in collaboration with leading American universities and published in peer-reviewed scientific literature.

"We are excited to add AirAnswers as a strategic expansion of our CleanMeasures™ Program, which monitors and records the continual effectiveness of our clients' enhanced cleaning and disinfecting programs. Our partnership enables us to provide a full spectrum of indoor diagnostics from air quality to surface cleaning, remediation, protection and data analytics -- essentially, ceiling-to-floor coverage and reporting," said Michael Bono, CEO of Corporate Care.

About Corporate Care 

Established in 1984, Corporate Care consistently delivers the highest quality maintenance programs and restoration services designed to preserve, protect, and extend the wellness and useful life of flooring, furniture, wall and ceiling acoustic fabrics, metal, stone, and glass architectural finishes at their clients' facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

Corporate Care service offerings include: CleanMeasures™ Program -- a proprietary IT platform that provides third-party validation measuring the effectiveness of hygiene intervention programs; CARE Barrier Guard™, which provides up to 90 days of continual antimicrobial surface protection; and CAREFORCE Emergency Response Services for immediate attention to flood or decontamination needs. Corporate Care can remediate COVID-19 exposure areas for re-occupancy in 12 hours or less, providing peace of mind and confidence for customers, their employees, and visitors.

Through Corporate Care's compliance with manufacturer maintenance requirements, the use of environmentally safe certified products, and affiliations with industry-leading organizations, it stays well-informed of the latest technology and innovations. All Corporate Care technicians are trained and IICRC® certified at its own Corporate Care University™ and they have one of the lowest turnover rates in the commercial maintenance industry. Corporate Care ensures the best value, sustainability, and results in the industry. To learn more about Corporate Care services, environmental standards, and certifications, visit

About Inspirotec, Inc.

Based in North Chicago, Illinois, Inspirotec, Inc. is the only company providing airborne biological matter detection through indoor air quality companies and experts. Inspirotec's AirAnswers® highly sensitive patented technology collects and measures biological agents in the air, including viruses and specifically, SARS-CoV-2, allergens, molds, and bacteria down to 0.1 microns. Inspirotec has an extensive portfolio of patents*, ISO certifications and publications in peer-reviewed literature.

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*US patents: 9360402, 8038944, 9216421, 9481904, 9618431, 10835891.

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