Cornerstone Training Institute Protects Schools and Businesses Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic With Proper Sanitization Training

Rochester, NY-based Cornerstone Training Institute (CTI), leading specialists in the field of asbestos, lead and OSHA training, extends their expertise to COVID-19 Disinfection Management.

​​​Cornerstone Training Institute (CTI) is taking charge in the battle against COVID-19. Helping businesses and schools reopen, CTI's team of Certified Industrial Hygienists and Environmental Experts have developed multiple internationally recognized curriculum for proper disinfection.

“Our professional, hands-on approach will equip organizations to navigate the growing demands of COVID​-19 disinfection and prepare them to reopen their doors, allowing customers and the public to feel safeguarded. We feel responsible in helping companies adjust safely to the changes happening and prepare them so they can continue to operate and thrive without worrying if they have a sanitary work environment,” said President and Training Director Darren Yehl.

CTI courses are helping organizations such as Netflix and Maryland Building Performance Association (MDBPA) train employees on how to properly decontaminate workplaces without having to sit in a crowded conference room. “CTI allowed our teams to safely train virtually and quickly to sanitize and safely conduct business during COVID​-19 so that our industry felt confident in the safety of workers and customers. From advanced contact with the homeowner and a new pre-appointment process CTI enabled us to develop and implement new standard operating procedures that are here to stay” said Joe Normandy Executive Director of MDBPA.

“CTI brought to light effective methods of disinfecting that you would never know if you didn’t take a proper course. These methods helped me personally and professionally to conduct day-to-day activities while keeping myself and my team healthy,” Netflix series post-producer Juanita Feeney said while reflecting about the importance of COVID​-19 sanitization preparedness as industries roll out plans to continue working while implementing new operational practices.

Since March, Cornerstone Training Institute has had over 1,500 clients throughout the U.S., including Hawaii, and expanded internationally with clients from Africa, Moscow, Canada, Paris and London. CTI’s COVID​-19 Sanitization training and certification focuses on providing the companies with the necessary knowledge so they are confident the certified individual will be performing their job with their safety, their business or school and family’s safety at the forefront, as well as increasing the expertise and standards in today’s businesses.

John Novelli of Brighton Central School said, “CTI’s COVID​-19 Certification training was insightful and able to be immediately implemented. Brighton Central Schools are currently working on their re-opening plan, this training allowed us to write that plan with the full confidence that we are implementing proper procedures to keep staff and students safe while on campus.”

Cornerstone classes are open to all in hopes to increase awareness and adoption of proper sanitization keeping workers safe, properly trained and businesses operating. For more information and to sign up for COVID​-19 Disinfection Manager Certification courses, visit

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