Coresignal and Hamburg University of Technology to Reveal the Secret Recipe for a Successful Startup

Coresignal sponsors Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) to conduct Career Paths into Tech Entrepreneurship research in order to understand career paths of people achieving success with tech startups.

TUHH sponsored by Coresignal

Coresignal, a leading public business data provider in the alternative data sphere with an extensive focus on firmographics and public employee profiles, and Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) signed a sponsorship agreement to conduct Career Paths into Tech Entrepreneurship research. 

The aim of the research is to understand the different possible career paths people take before entering into a technology startup and achieving entrepreneurial success. Analyzing company data on 50,000 startups and data of more than 16 million professionals provided by Coresignal, scholars seek to operationalize different career paths: to develop measures of career features such as skill portfolio, breadth and depth of industry experiences, reputation of both educational institutions and prior employers. 

According to the TUHH, special focus will be placed on the range of skill portfolios and relational capital that people have developed in software development as it is a vital feature for tech startups. The rich set of features to be developed will help to explain who attains what role in a startup and when, i.e., at what point in time of a startup's funding life cycle. In addition, the researchers will investigate how venture capitalists evaluate these career features in terms of human capital signals in their decision to fund a startup in a certain round.

"It's all about the team" - the answer you often hear from investors stating the reason to invest in one or another startup. With the unique data at hand, this research project wants to shed new light on the importance of founder characteristics, early employees and team composition for startup success," comments Christoph Ihl, Professor & Head of the Institute of Entrepreneurship.

"Coresignal sees public data as much more than just a tool for business growth. Putting data into the right hands and empowering it allows us to answer so many questions relevant to society at large. If we can support researchers by sponsoring certain public data to solve the riddle of what team to form in order for the startup to achieve greatness, we will definitely do that," comments Karolis Didziulis, Product Manager at Coresignal. 

Recently the company announced a sponsorship deal with the UC Hastings Center for Business Law to assist its research efforts with alternative datasets. The study analyzes the effect of company financial distress and bankruptcy on its workforce.

The results of the "Career Paths into Tech Entrepreneurship" research conducted by the Hamburg University of Technology are expected to be published in May 2023. 

Contact for media: Aukse Budelyte-Janauskiene Coresignal PR Manager, 

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