Cora Nichole's New Book 'The Adventures of Little Morris the Wheel' Follows the Thrilling Exploits of a Little Wheel as He Tries to Seek What True Happiness is Like

Fulton Books author, Cora Nichole, a proud owner-operator of a 2020 Kenworth tractor, and with degrees in criminal justice and paralegal, has completed her most recent book "The Adventures of Little Morris the Wheel": a delightful and exciting read throughout the highs and lows of Little Morris, a wheel trying to seek his place in the world. Wanting to become a Ferris wheel, he went on an adventure. It was not a smooth ride, but Little Morris gets by.

Nichole shares, "Little Morris is a wheel who is on the back of a little black sedan who has adventures such as making a wish to become a Ferris wheel. When his wish is granted, he is excited at first, but then he begins to miss Mommy and Daddy Tire. However, during his time as a Ferris wheel, he learns to become a positive little wheel; and when his wish is finally granted to become a little wheel again on that little black sedan, he becomes the happiest little tire.

"However, one day, when he was riding on the back of the car, he gets struck by a thorn and loses his air and has to go to the tire shop to get fixed. After he is patched and full of air again, he is very thankful for having these adventures that are helping him grow up into a good, strong little tire Mommy and Daddy Tire can be proud of.

"In the meantime, his little friend, Mariah, is sick and misses school, so Little Morris the Wheel helps her with her homework every night before she goes to bed. Then one night, after helping his little friend with her homework, he comes up with an idea to have a surprise get-well party for her. So with the help of Mommy and Daddy Tire, he gets to plan a surprise get-well party for his little friend, Mariah.

"The day of the party was very exciting for his little friend and Little Morris as well, and they both had a wonderful time. And that was the start of many adventures."

Published by Fulton Books, Cora Nichole's lovely storybook chronicles the amazing adventures of Little Morris as he goes through life's ups and downs that make him grow and learn new things. With the challenges he faced, he became stronger and has come to understand what life's greatest joys are.

This is an entertaining read both the kids and adults can share.

Readers who wish to experience this heartwarming work can purchase "The Adventures of Little Morris the Wheel" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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