Copient Health Announces ARDEN: The Revolutionary AI Solution for Operating Room Margin Optimization

Generative Artificial Intelligence Solution Unlocks Proprietary Data to Support Perioperative Leaders' Ability to Optimize OR Utilization and Dramatically Increase OR Margin

Introducing ARDEN by Copient Health

Copient Health, a leading provider of operating room (OR) block management technology, is proud to announce the launch of ARDEN, a groundbreaking AI solution designed to empower healthcare leaders to make smarter decisions. ARDEN supports increasing OR access, enhancing operational efficiency, and boosting margin by providing unprecedented command over OR information and actions.

"The work Copient Health has done on ARDEN is awesome," said David Berger, MD, MHCM, CEO of SUNY Downstate Medical Center. "The ability to explore operational and financial data using simple questions is a game-changer. I am very interested in various use cases."

ARDEN enables both real-time and long-term improvement of OR utilization, block template optimization, and financial results. By leveraging generative AI models, hospital data, and in-context learning, ARDEN supports a wide range of queries and functions, revolutionizing how perioperative and financial leaders manage their operating rooms.

"The OR is often the most expensive resource in a hospital and its largest source of operating margin," remarked Michael Burke, CEO of Copient Health. "Customers realize an increase of more than $500,000 per OR per year after implementing Copient Health's optimization solution. ARDEN improves on that by identifying the most compelling short and long-term opportunities for optimization and helping take action."

recent Accenture study revealed that 99% of healthcare executives believe AI will deliver a positive impact on their organization in the future. The release of ARDEN will help drive this positive impact with capabilities including:

  • Real-time Operational Insights: ARDEN can transform unstructured information into actionable insights for improved patient care and operational efficiency. For example, ARDEN can identify short-term and long-term opportunities for both recapturing unused time and optimizing its allocation.
  • Real-time Financial Insights: ARDEN ties block decisions to financial outcomes and gives you the information you need to take appropriate action.
  • Data-driven Actions: Ask ARDEN to automate mundane tasks: "Release 3 hours of Dr. Smith's block next Tuesday in OR 3."

ARDEN, an acronym for Automated Resource and Data Extraction Navigator and a nod to Copient Health's beloved VP of Customer Success, Arden Davis, will revolutionize the way perioperative leaders maximize OR block utilization and drive financial results.

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About Copient Health:

Copient Health helps hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers uncover hidden revenue, improve OR access for surgeons and patients, and navigate the dynamic and often chaotic business of operating room management. With increased staffing issues, rising costs, and the shift toward ambulatory environments, optimizing OR block utilization can be the difference between surviving and thriving. Copient Health's technology leverages the power of machine learning to identify OR block time likely to go unused and fill that time based on a facility's financial goals and surgeons' characteristics, schedules, and preferences.

Source: Copient Health

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About Copient Health

Copient Health provides technology to help hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers uncover hidden revenue, improve OR access for surgeons and patients, and navigate the dynamic and often chaotic business of operating room use.