CoolTone: The Newest Sensation in Body Contouring to Hit the Market is Now Available at Always Beautiful Medspa in Aurora, Colorado

According to body contouring specialist and aesthetic nurse Ali McCoy-Stengel, CoolTone strengthens, builds, and defines muscles.

​​CoolTone is a new body contouring treatment that builds muscle mass and defines muscle tone. The therapy targets three major muscle groups: the abdomen, the buttocks, and the upper legs. Concentrating on muscles distinguishes CoolTone from most other body shaping procedures, like CoolSculpting, which solely focuses on reducing body fat. According to Ali McCoy-Stengel, a registered nurse and owner of Always Beautiful Medspa, “muscle constitutes a greater percentage of body composition than fat does.” McCoy-Stengel explains that fat makes up 15% to 30% of the overall physique. In contrast, muscle comprises 30% to 40%. “CoolSculpting is a great way to slim down, but to get that fit, sculptured physique my patients are hoping for, they’ll need to also focus on building and toning muscle mass,” says McCoy-Stengel.

The CoolTone treatment utilizes Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) to stimulate super-human muscle contractions, known as supramaximal contractions. A supramaximal contraction is more potent than the voluntary contractions a person can perform voluntarily. According to McCoy-Stengel, “a single 30-minute CoolTone treatment stimulates 20,000 contractions.” These supramaximal contractions place incredible tension on the muscle without damaging the tissue. In response, “the body adapts to the tension, strengthening existing fibers and building new ones,” explains McCoy-Stengel. She concludes, “The procedure leads to a stronger core, chiseled abdomen, lifted buttocks (a non-invasive butt lift), firmer thighs, and a more pristine physique.”

“CoolTone will make a great sister treatment for clients who love CoolSculpting,” continues McCoy-Stengel. Also known as fat freezing, CoolSculpting is the world’s most popular non-surgical modality in fat reduction. The treatment isolates fat cells beneath the skin’s surface and chills the cells with precisely controlled cooling. This causes the fat cells to crystallize and rupture. The destroyed fat cells eventually exit the body as waste via the lymphatic system. “CoolSculpting is scientifically proven to produce visible, long-lasting results. In clinical evaluations, a single treatment reduced fat by 25%,” says McCoy-Stengel.

Always Beautiful Medspa is one of the few body-contouring facilities chosen by the manufacturer to introduce CoolTone to the marketplace. “CoolTone is a game-changer. We are very excited to offer it to our clients,” says McCoy-Stengel.

Adults living in the Denver Colorado area are welcome to learn more about CoolTone by scheduling a free consultation with Always Beautiful Medspa. Contact the medical spa by visiting or calling (720) 280-7016.

Source: Always Beautiful Medspa