CoolTone - the Newest Body Contouring Treatment - is Now Available From KP Aesthetics

CoolTone Stimulates Muscle Contractions to Build, Strengthen, and Tone Muscle Groups in the Abdomen, Upper Legs, and Buttocks.

​CoolTone is a new body contouring treatment that develops muscle mass and enhances muscle tone for more sculpted abs, a firmer, more lifted buttock, and toned thighs. According to Kimberly Costalas, RN, a Nurse Injector and Certified Coolsculpting Specialist at KP Aesthetics in Newtown Square, PA, “CoolTone was developed by the makers of CoolSculpting, the popular fat-freezing procedure.” Costalas continues, “CoolSculpting is a great way to reduce belly fat, thigh fat, or fat below the buttocks. But if my clients want to transform these areas, they must also develop the muscle groups in those regions.” Muscle is a predominant component of body composition—or the overall shape and size of a person’s physique. “On average, muscle contributes between 35% to 45% of body composition,” explains Costalas, “while fat contributes a fraction of that, with 15% to 25% of body composition, on average.”

During a CoolTone treatment, the machine penetrates the muscles with electromagnetic energy. This process is known as magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS). The current safely stimulates the tissues to contract. These contractions are far more powerful than the voluntary contractions a person initiates when doing strength training exercises. “CoolTone induces 20,000 ‘supramaximal’ contractions within a single, 30-minute treatment,” explains Costalas. To match this type of workout at the gym, a person would need to perform 20,000 sit-ups, or 20,000 squats, or 20,000 lunges.

CoolSculpting is the world’s most popular non-surgical fat reduction treatment. It employs controlled cooling to eliminate fat cells by freezing the cells to death. “CoolSculpting is optimal for healthy men and women who struggle with isolated pockets of fat that resist diet and exercise,” says Costalas. “Studies show a single CoolSculpting treatment can reduce fat by up to 25% in the treatment area.” This leads to a visible reduction in fat and a slimmer appearance.

Costalas believes that “CoolTone will make a great sister treatment for our CoolSculpting clients. CoolTone meets a strong consumer demand for a procedure that does more than just shrink the waistline. With CoolTone, our clients can now get those washboard abs, toned thighs, or firm and lifted buttocks they desire.”

KP Aesthetics is one of the select few body contouring specialists within the United States to be specially selected by the makers of the CoolTone machine to introduce the new treatment to the market. For men and women living in Newtown Square and surrounding areas, KP Aesthetics invites them to learn more by scheduling a free consultation. Contact KP Aesthetics online by visiting the website at Alternatively, interested individuals can call KP Aesthetics at 484-453-5565.

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