Convention Congress 2016 Is at the Wonderful Cusco, Peru for Mission Senator and Assistant Mission Senator

We are offering two hotels, Palacio del Inka, which is in the heart of Cusco offering 5 Star accommodation. Spaces will be limited so please read our newsletters for updates and prices when our events coordinator unveils the exclusive package.

​​​​​​​​Global Artifacts Association are building a financial fortress to combine the distribution of artifacts globally due to conflicts in sensitive areas of our world today.

"History by Action" brings the knowledge of the crimes of loosing artifacts to the comfort of your own home. We are dedicated to locate sponsors globally small or large, corporate or private, to ensure our future is sustained via history and understanding of where we came from and how.

Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children's children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.

Theodore Roosevelt

We are dedicated to long term strategies of the preservation of Global Heritage via sponsor driven projects using cutting edge technologies to identify key sites globally. Our "History by Action" team members are dedicated to bring artifacts to a safe environment enabling the young and old to view, and are working where possible with locals globally, local knowledge is of paramount importance in project sustainability, and often is the case that young and old become volunteers in projects. This heightens the awareness of history.

Whole communities are often enthralled in the activity of the project, and in some cases cottage industries are born within the community, thus bringing families out of poverty. These projects and communities can be sponsored on an individual basis.

Case Study - Ecuador 1984
In Ecuador 286 artifacts where found in an underground tunnel system which were valued at approximately $1.28m. Now after the recovery and restoration process, they have been valued at $26.4m. The artifacts are with private collector's who intern allow the pieces to be exhibited worldwide.

Basic details of the convention will be;

Day 1

Meet in the J.W.Marriott (Miraflores Lima) for the first night.

Day 2

Internal flight from Lima to Cusco, visiting Cusco by night, sample local bars, restaurants with a Champaign reception.

Day 3

Machu Picchu train and visit and to include hicking part of the Inca trail. (Optional extra night at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge Hotel)

Day 4

Sacred Valley mini bus tour of this region, view local culture and sites returning to Cusco for dinner in the Chicha restaurant with award winning Chef Gaston Acurio.

Day 5

Convention Congress 2016

  • GAA Progress
  • Cottage Industries
  • Sponsorship Recognition
  • Award Ceremony

Day 6

Relaxing at the hotel

Day 7 - Two options

Return to Lima and end the Convention
Flight to Quito visiting a private collection of artifacts, city tour (depending on the size of the group). Accommodation will either be a boutique hotel or the J.W.Marriott.

Day 8

Transport to Hacienda San Agustin du Callo. Ecuador's Cotopaxi Mountain standing at 5,897m which currently is erupting. At this very hotel you will see an Inca Chapel that performed weddings back in the 17th Centenary, this again is privately owned and is a rare opportunity to see the marvelous stonework first hand.

Day 9

Transport to Otavalo Hacienda Pinsaqui. This is where the signing took place of the treaty of Pinsaqui, between Colombia and Ecuador,

Day 10

Return to Quinto International Airport and end of tour.

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About Global Artifacts Association

Global Artifacts Association are working where possible with locals globally, local knowledge is of paramount importance in project sustainability, and often is the case that young and old become volunteers in projects.

Global Artifacts Association
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