Control Your Any Brand Ductless Air Conditioner From Anywhere...Meet Cielo Breez

Next Generation Smart Air Conditioning - Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Home

Cielo Breez can convert any air conditioner to a smart air conditioner. The term, "Smart Air Conditioning" has been a buzz word in HVAC industry for some time now. Ducted HVAC systems remained the focus of big players and likes of NEST are leading the smartness bandwagon. In recent years, the ductless HVAC system have gained popularity in the North American market but the associated smart controls are rare to find. 

Cielo, a Redmond, WA based company, is pleased to announce 'Cielo Breez', its newest plug n play Wi-Fi controller that works with already installed or newly procured ductless systems. Cielo Breez is brand independent and can convert any mini split, fan coil unit, floor standing unit, Window AC or PTAC (with a remote control) into a smart AC. 

Cielo Breez is all you need to make your any brand ductless AC smart. Designed & optimized for enhanced energy savings & greater ease of use.

Waseem Amer

CEO, Cielo WiGle Inc.

The Product - Cielo Breez
Cielo Breez is a plug n play Wi-Fi controller, ideal for already installed or newly procured ductless systems with a remote control. Cielo Breez has built-in temperature, humidity and luminosity sensors. Cielo Breez comes with a personalized display showing actual room conditions. The display can also be used as a digital picture frame.

The Eco System
Cielo Breez comes with a complete eco-system of proprietary mobile apps (both for Android & iOS), enterprise web app and associated AWS IoT cloud. The mobile app named “Cielo Home” is free to download from App Store or Google Play Store.

The Feature Set
Cielo Breez and its eco system is designed to maximize user’s convenience and achievements of targeted energy savings goals. Features include but not limited to power of unlimited controls from anywhere, comprehensive usage statistics, complete usage audit of connected ACs & Heat Pumps, weekly scheduling, location-based controls, air filter status and much more. Users can save up to 25% on their energy bills by using Cielo’s futuristic feature set and energy saving algorithms. 

Cielo Breez - Works with Amazon Alexa & the Google Assistant
Voice control is the most sought-after desire in smart controls. Cielo Breez works with both Amazon Alexa & the Google Assistant. Link Cielo Breez to “Cielo Smart Home” app through the Google Assistant or use any of the skills (Cielo Home & Cielo Smart Home ) for Amazon Alexa.

Cielo is catering for dynamic needs of ductless HVAC industry. Apart from Cielo Breez, a retrofit version of smart control (for OEMs) branded as Cielo Breezi is also being offered by Cielo.

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