Control Chemicals Faces the Challenge Of Delivering Inexpensive Clean Water to Underdeveloped Communities

Energy Digital investigates a company producing an essential product, and chart its efforts to get that product to the people who need it.

(San Diego, CA)-In an interview with Energy Digital, Control Chemicals MD Peter Buchan talks about the difficulties of getting his water maker product, a quick, cheap, easy way to make water drinkable, to the people who need it most.

"When the product was developed, the first instinct of anyone who sees the product is that this product should be available to everyone in every country where they don't have access to pipe water," Buchan told an Energy Digital reporter.

Buchan went on to explain the difficulties in selling the product commercially, when those able to benefit most from it are usually the most impoverished, and the problems in getting governments to engage with short and medium term water solutions, which tend to fall through the gap between Water Utilities Departments and Health and Nutrition Departments.

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