Context Labs Announces Immutably for Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zone trust platform seeks to provide investment grade insights for targeted investment

Context Labs Opportunity Zone

Context Labs (CXL) announces the launch of ImmutablyTM for Opportunity Zones (OZ). 

ImmutablyTM for OZ seeks to provide investment-grade, actionable intelligence for investors and communities to better understand these historically underserved areas. This tool, combined with engagement within the local community, aims to incentivize increased investment in these OZs and provide a catalyst for growth and opportunity to revitalize neighborhoods. 

Opportunity Zones are governmentally-designated, economically distressed communities that have been earmarked for certain tax credits. These communities represent some of the greatest at-risk neighborhoods in the United States and most lack the necessary data and expertise to attract the volume of investment compared to neighboring communities. ImmutablyTM seeks to bring the necessary data to light in order to better serve the community and enable the right intentional investors to invest in these communities in need.

By leveraging secure distributed ledgers, cryptographic proofing services, network graph analytics and all-source ingestion, ImmutablyTM for OZ provides a unique and differentiated set of software capabilities. This complete stack offers communities the chance to completely baseline and visualize the community’s intrinsic collective knowledge in a tangible way while also providing potential investors with the provenanced and immutable data they need to make a major financial investment in an OZ.

Historically, Opportunity Zones are some of the least developed and invested in communities in the United States with low levels of urban innovation, early-stage investment, financial inclusion and social equality relative to other comparable urban areas. By bringing investors to a community with asset-class data and intelligence, CXL aims to increase the inclusiveness and equality in these neighborhoods – for the residents of these communities.

Context Labs was launched in 2013 by CEO and founder Dan Harple, who pioneered voice over internet protocol (VOIP), streaming media and interactive screen sharing. Harple’s team at CXL developed the core IP that powers the ImmutablyTM platform behind both CXL and its subsidiary Spherical | Analytics.

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