Context Analytics Releases Standard Headings in Global Annual Reports

Global Machine-Readable Filings Database

A challenge in analyzing these Global Annual Reports is that there are no standard headings like there are in 10-Ks. Context Analytics is now releasing "Risk Factors" and "Management's Discussion and Analysis" standard headings available in GMRF. CA is using machine learning and AI to identify sections representing Risk Factors and MD&A in Global Annual Reports. To ensure quality, CA has a team manually verifying correct section tagging.

Context Analytics released Machine Readable Filings (GMRF) in April 2021 with S&P Global Market Intelligence. Global Machine-Readable Filings provides parsed textual data of international companies' Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly Reports and Financial Supplements across ~1.6M documents spanning over 200 countries.

GMRF customers can run analyses on Global Annual Reports more similar to analyses on 10-Ks. Word counts, sentiment, topic searches and text changes in annual reports can be computed within the major sections of interest.

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About Context Analytics: Context Analytics is a financial data analytics company that sources, cleans, structures, and analyzes textual data for investable insights and business intelligence. Founded in 2011, CA has built Intellectual Property in four Major FinTech Areas: Sentiment Natural Language Processing, Source Agnostic Textual Parsing, Complex Topic Modeling, and Source Accuracy. CA provides the financial and marketing communities with new data sources to evaluate financial data sets, enhance returns, and reduce risk. 

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