Content.Ad and Have Entered Into a Two (2) Year Marketing Partnership Agreement

Content.Ad announces that the Company and have entered into a two (2) year Marketing Partnership Agreement to showcase the ROI of an automated campaign bidding technology on one of the leading content marketing platforms.

"This partnership is an exclamation point for two companies coming together to provide a vertically integrated value proposition for advertisers running 100s of campaigns on our platform. We are excited to be working with the Optimizer and delivering added value to our customers," says Allan Legator, CEO of Content.Ad.

This agreement provides extensive financial incentives for advertising clients to use both solutions in tandem. For example, Content.Ad will provide a $500 match for the clients referred by In turn, will give newly referred clients (by Content.Ad) 70% off their first month's subscription fee.

"We are really excited about this partnership and making it official. Content.Ad has been part of our supported integrations since we launched. We have been working closely with the Content.Ad team from testing to integration. The implementation of the TheOptimizer will be a game-changer for everyone who is looking to boost their advertising spends on Content.Ad and take their results to the next level," says Ervin Hoxha, Co-Founder & CEO of

About Content.Ad
Since 2004, Content.Ad has been a leading content marketing platform. Content.Ad was one of the early pioneers in native advertising and push notifications.  In 2020, the company reached a milestone of over 66,000 web domains in its network. Known for having the quickest publisher payout in the industry, the company continues to expand its portfolio to provide band reach and maximum ROI for direct advertisers. For more information on the company, please visit

About TheOptimizer.IO
Designed by industry veterans with more than a decade of experience, TheOptimizer was born to deliver centralized and automated campaign management. TheOptimizer brings all your data from different sources in a single dashboard, makes it easy to read and extract key metrics, and, most importantly, is always there optimizing your campaigns automatically 24/7. So you and your team can relax and spend your time on more productive tasks, like creating new content, testing new products, or new business strategies. Contact Person:

Jerome Torresyap, SVP of Operations & Program Management

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