Consumer Rights & Protection Now On The Perfect Avenue

Consumer court forum plays a vital role in helping people to put forward their views regarding the service providers and helps people to share their ideas and reviews.

Web - have recently revitalized their online presence with a wave of serious efforts in the educating of consumers both online and offline. This was re-emphasized by the enlivening of its consumer court activity, focusing on consumer rights and related events, consumer forum visitors can now access the top 10 latest site news and get a quick insight on the hottest issues being discussed.

Also included within the latest site news is the indicated author of the post and its corresponding forum section for easy indexing by the forum user. has been successful in its objective in empowering consumer rights through meaningful and active discussion of issues and concerns. The ever growing members are now accounted for at a sizable number of 280 plus of which 80% are active and are continually contributing to the consumer court's social vision and growth.

Consumercourtforum utilizes the search engine friendly vBulletin which is one of the most used forum programs on the web worldwide. The consumer court boasts of its 3000 plus useful threads and a hyperactive forum posts of more than 4280 that is sure to keep any data and information thirst quenched.

Consumer court is rich in features and options like the main consumer forum section where in any registered member can join a group in the community section as well. The sub forum consists of "Broadband", "Mobile" and "Online Shopping" pages for the hardcore online shoppers. Other interesting section includes Money matters, Loans, Banking and credit card concerns. almost has it all, from the "Business & Finance" category, "Automobile", "Computers & Accessories", "Education", "Entertainment & Recreation", "Family & Relationships", "Food & Beverages", "Government Services", yes it does have a government category and people can discuss issues and concerns about the police, municipal corporation and income tax among others. And the categories moves on with "Health & Beauty", "Home & Garden", "Telecom", Internet Services" also "Travel" with such diverse sub forums like: Airlines, Railways, Taxi, Travel Agents and even Hotels. "Technology" category and "Real Estate" comprises the well off lists of the consumer court.

With a brilliant feature such as the "Submit Complaint" box, one can call the attention of the admin to attend to their extra forum concerns like personal inquiries, complaints against fellow members or just about any issue that may arise due to any thread posts that others may find offensive.

The road to an intelligent and informed consumer isn't far behind with the gleaming objective of, consumer rights are always being watched. Be in the know and keep your information level high under the intelligent discussions on Karamjit is an author of this article on consumer forum. Find more information about mobile billing forum here.

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