Consulting Company Is Changing the Way Companies Find and Manage Their People

For years, organizations have used separate companies for their recruiting, consulting, and training needs. Gregory Pontrelli, CEO and Chief Talent Strategist of Lausanne Business Solutions, warns that this traditional method causes "performance leakage and a lack of continuity in organizations' talent management." He and Lausanne challenge this paradigm with a comprehensive approach to recruiting, consulting, and training.

Consulting company is changing the way organizations find and manage their people.

Philadelphia, PA, February,10th  2015

"While this has been standard practice for years, it causes 'performance leakage' and a lack of continuity in your organization's talent management."

Gregory Pontrelli, Chief Talent Strategist

“There is a big disconnect.” Gregory Pontrelli, Chief Talent Strategist of Lausanne Business Solutions admits. “Companies utilize one agency to recruit employees, another to consult on people operations, and another for training. While this has been standard practice for years, it causes ‘performance leakage’ and a lack of continuity in your organization’s talent management.”

Companies that recruit employees tend to focus on the volume of candidates delivered rather than the quality of those candidates. Further, they have little vested interest in their initial or long term success after placement. In the event that a placement doesn’t work out, most recruiting firms simply throw more candidates at the wall until someone sticks--relying on the odds that eventually a quality candidate will come along.  

Believing that relationships and success should not be based on volume and statistical odds alone, Lausanne Business Solutions has banded together its recruiting, consulting, training, and coaching practices in an effort to go-to-market as a comprehensive talent management consultancy. Priding itself as a boutique, it focuses on close client relationships and the long term success of their work.  “Relationships, viability, and long term results are what we pride ourselves on”, says Tom Fitzsimmons, a Harvard MBA and 20 year Managing Director of Lausanne Business Solutions’ consulting division.  

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Lausanne Business Solutions was founded in 1986 as The Lausanne Institute. In its past 30 years it has consulted with small businesses as well as multinational companies such as Deutsche Bank, PepsiCo, and DuPont, as well as provided team and leadership training to Government Agencies including the Department of Defense, The Social Security Administration, The Department of the Navy.

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Rachel Vasara,, Lausanne Business Solutions, 800-554-7704,



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