CONQUERing Launches Three New Designs in Honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

Female-owned company challenges stigma and spreads mental health awareness with empowering jewelry

Three New Designs in Honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

CONQUERing® today announced the release of three new designs in its line of inspiring fidget jewelry. The recently launched rings and necklaces were created in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month and feature encouraging phrases including "and that's OK," "baby steps," and "It's a new day." 

CONQUERing is committed to continuing the conversation about mental health and building an uplifting community. Therapist, content creator (@notyouraveragethrpst), and CONQUERing community member Kristen Gingrich LCSW, CADC, CCS says, "Being a licensed therapist and constantly working with people, I needed something for myself that was discreet but also helpful. I found CONQUERing one day while scrolling on TikTok, and I instantly fell in love. My ring was so helpful that even some of my clients invested in their own rings and found them to be one of their favorite pieces of jewelry they own." 

The brand offers a variety of inclusive designs and strives to bring awareness to sensitive topics. Existing phrases such as "Keep going," "YES YOU CAN," and "SELF LOVE" highlight the importance of prioritizing mental health and self-care. Gingrich says, "It's amazing how something so small can turn out to be so powerful. My ring reminds me that it's okay - and actually quite common - to struggle with mental health. As a therapist, I'm happy to see brands like CONQUERing normalizing discussions about mental health and encouraging transparency."

In addition to creating inspiring jewelry, CONQUERing is proud to give back to charitable organizations dedicated to empowering others. In May 2022, the company will donate 5% of its profits to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a nonprofit organization committed to helping individuals and families affected by mental illness build better lives. CONQUERing Founder and CEO Tammy Nelson says, "We're incredibly excited to support NAMI and hope that our donation, as well as our rings, will help support those facing challenges with their mental health and end the stigma surrounding it."

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