CONQUERing Fidget Rings Used in UNC Chapel Hill Study That Finds They Can Reduce Anxiety

Innovative Research Shows a 24% Decrease in Anxiety Levels with the Use of Fidget Rings

UNC research shows CONQUERing fidget rings reduce anxiety.

A recent research project conducted at the Abramowitz Anxiety Lab at UNC Chapel Hill explored the potential of fidget rings in alleviating anxiety. The study, led by Jennifer Persia, a senior psychology student and lab research assistant, under the guidance of Dr. Jonathan S. Abramowitz, Clinical Psychology Professor and Director of Clinical Training, unveiled compelling findings.

Considering the nearly nonexistent academic research available on the benefits of fidget rings, the study was very much needed. The test group received fidget rings with spinning and clicking features, donated from CONQUERing, a jewelry brand specializing in interchangeable fidget jewelry, while the control group received similar rings without these features.

Participants, aged 18-64, were asked to rate their level of anxiety before and after the study. The results were groundbreaking, demonstrating a statistically significant reduction in anxiety levels among individuals wearing the fidget rings compared to those in the control group.

Tammy Nelson, Founder & CEO of CONQUERing, expressed, "We often receive feedback from customers about how our fidget rings help alleviate anxiety. However, until now, this has been based on anecdotal evidence. This research project not only confirms our customers' experiences but also highlights the importance of further academic exploration into alternative methods for managing anxiety."

Persia, the lead researcher, shared her excitement, stating, "Conducting research on the effectiveness of fidget rings and witnessing their positive impact on reducing anxiety levels was truly remarkable. I hope this study inspires further investigations into alternative strategies for managing feelings of anxiousness."

The study conducted at UNC Chapel Hill represents a significant step in understanding the potential of fidget rings in addressing anxiety and related mental health conditions.

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Source: CONQUERing