Connect Invest, the industry's leading collateralized debt investment platform, offers new competitive return rates up to 9%

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Connect Invest, an online investment company, increased the interest rates today on its short-note offerings following the recent Fed rate hike to provide investors with an opportunity to earn significant returns with short-term commitments and low investment minimums, starting at $500. Short notes allow investors to commit their money for short commitments with defined exit dates. 

While interest rates have risen on savings and CD accounts, they continue to have a negative real yield as the U.S. inflation rate sits at 7.11%. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the average national deposit rate for savings accounts is 0.3%, while the average for 24-month CD accounts is 1.06%.

Connect Invest offers an alternative investment vehicle that mitigates both market volatility and uncertainty while providing residual income through the form of monthly interest payments. "We view this uncertain time in the economy as an opportunity to offer unprecedented value to our clients," said Brandon Kelly, Vice President of Marketing and Operations at Connect Invest. "We look forward to serving new investors seeking stable residual monthly income during the term of their investment." 

Previously, return rates for Connect Invest short notes six-month and 12-month commitments were 5.5% and 7.25%, respectively. The new rates are now 7.5% and 8%, respectively. The 24-month short note continues to pay 9%. Funds from all short note investments are used for purchasing first-position collateralized notes of various real estate projects. With access to over $500 million in collateralized projects, Connect Invest is constantly adding projects to the portfolio for continued diversification. 

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About Connect Invest

Connect Invest is an alternative investment platform specializing in collateralized debt through real estate short-note investments. We offer short-term investments in real estate development projects that yield high returns monthly, with zero overhead and no account or maintenance fees. Our investments are determined based on the investor's risk tolerance, investment amount, and length of term. Available to both accredited and nonaccredited investors, all funds are used to fund a variety of real estate development projects throughout the country at various stages, including acquisition, development and construction. Investments start as low as $500, terms as short as 6 months, and interest earnings ranging from 7.5% to 9%.

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About Connect Invest

Connect Invest is an online alternative investment platform specializing in real estate short-note investments.

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