Connect Expands Operations to Atlanta Market

Managers at Connect, a premier interactive marketing firm, announced that they will be expanding their operations to the Atlanta market. This new office will be led by Thomas, who has impacted the firm's success in the Dallas region.

“The Atlanta region is one of the fastest-growing markets in our industry,” said Rachel O’Hara, Connect’s CEO. “We believe that we’ll experience as much growth in that area as we’ve had here in Texas.”

Rachel said that among the brands that Connect will represent in the Atlanta market are the Atlanta Braves, Subway, and Dominoes. “We’re thrilled to be able to provide our unique style of interactive marketing to help promote these fabulous brands,” she said. “I’m sure our efforts will help connect them with more consumers and build even greater loyalty as we provide a positive service experience for our customers.”

"The southeast and the Eastern Seaboard is a region that is ripe for service promotion,"

Rachel , CEO

“The southeast and the Eastern Seaboard is a region that is ripe for service promotion,” she added. “It will be our first foray into those parts of the country.”

Thomas, along with Megan and Tyler, will be heading to Atlanta to get started. “I believe that this team will provide outstanding leadership for our new region,” said Rachel. “We’ll see many good things coming out of Atlanta soon.”

Connect CEO Cites Promotable Qualities and Leadership Responsibilities

Rachel cited that Thomas’ promotion was based on his outstanding efforts. “Thomas has been a loyal, hardworking, and dedicated member of the Connect team,” she stated. “He quickly showed signs of having leadership abilities.”

“Thomas has always been a strong sales force for our clients,” Rachel continued. “He has led and managed a large part of our office and supported brands including the Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks with successful campaigns. Thomas has certainly been an integral part of our office family.”

Among the many qualities that Thomas possesses that led to his promotion, Rachel cited three top strengths. “Thomas has an entrepreneurial spirit,” she said. “He readily goes the extra mile to complete tasks. More importantly, he is extremely goal oriented, which is reflected in his results.”

As a manager, Rachel shared that Thomas will be responsible for helping coach others to achieve their goals and move forward as well. “I believe he is quite capable of providing the team with the leadership necessary to advance their campaigns and attain positive outcomes,” she concluded. “I believe we’ll see great things from him in the future.”

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