Connect Brings Families to Victorian Condos

Connect benefits Victorian Condos by bringing Dallas Fort Worth families to Galveston for summer fun. The company's CEO, Rachel O'Hara, also seeks expansion of the team for continued innovation in the industry.

​​Connect is working with Victorian Condos to bring families to Galveston, Texas for discounted family vacations. The campaign spurs the interest of a broad audience, bringing residents of the Dallas Fort Worth area to the Victorian Condos.

Rachel stated, “We help families as well as friends get a stay away from home while keeping some extra cash in their pockets to explore Galveston. What could be better?”

Connect successfully attracts the right audience for the initiative, using travel certificates showcasing immediate benefits. By garnering people from the Dallas Fort Worth area, Connect offer getaways within driving distance that include all the qualities expected of an exceptional vacation. The team is helping Victorian Condos bridge a gap by reaching beyond Galveston for an interested audience.

"It's a combination of the brilliant initiative and our team reaching the right audience that produces outstanding results,"



“Everyone loves a summer getaway. What’s better than going to the beach?” Rachel continued.

Connect’s Team Creates Measurable Results With Experience and Strategic Partnership

Connect’s focus on developing team members through hands-on training has led to a successful campaign for Victorian Condos. The team remains abreast of the latest industry trends, and confident in executing updated strategies. The Victorian Condos partnership is one example. By pairing new team members with executives, Connect is able to create a winning combination of skill and experience. This also expands the networking pool – a great benefit for partner brands.

“It’s a combination of the brilliant initiative and our team reaching the right audience that produces outstanding results,” Rachel asserted.

Connect’s Commitment to Adapting to a Changing World Focuses on Innovation and Expansion

 Technology is quickly evolving and expanding, so it is critical to focus on adapting campaign strategies to fully leverage the latest possibilities. As such, the firm’s leadership is always on the lookout for new talent. Rachel is committed to exceeding the expectations of Connect’s partnering brands. To do so, the business seeks individuals with a passion for innovation in advertising. Further, a keenness for growing the target demographic for promoted products is key.

Connect’s executives understand the importance of investing quality time and support into developing the team members. This is how everyone on the team learns to develop a personal strategy for excelling in his or her work. It’s vital that they gain the confidence and experience to innovate and succeed in every campaign they lead. In addition, Rachel is always interested in interviewing new candidates to join the team. Applications can be submitted via the Connect website.

Rachel encourages potential applicants, “We promote on merit alone because we know this ignites passion in our team members. Passionate people bring the greatest benefits to our brands and their products.”

About Connect

Connect is a results-driven provider of memorable and effective interactive marketing campaigns. By combining strategic planning with an unmatched talent for fast and efficient implementation, the firm provides consistent results for clients of all sizes. Connect utilizes a dynamic approach that makes an immediate impact and leads to long-term relationships between companies and customers. These mutually-beneficial bonds create lasting brand loyalty as well as sustained improvements in clients’ revenue streams. The company has built a reputation as an industry leader resulting in significant growth because of its team of highly-skilled branding specialists. Contact them today to learn more about how they help clients exceed even their most ambitious promotional goals. Check us out at

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