ConMet Reveals TruckWings Device Efficiency Results for CNG and Diesel Trucks at TMC24

ConMet, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the commercial vehicle industry, has announced impressive efficiency results for their TruckWings device tested on CNG and diesel trucks. The announcement was made at TMC, the American Trucking Associations Technology & Maintenance Council’s 2024 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition.

Third-party tester Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions (MVTS) conducted tests on Class 8 CNG trucks and Class 8 diesel trucks to evaluate the TruckWings product’s efficiency. The results were remarkable, with a 5.25% improvement in efficiency for CNG trucks and a 6.2% improvement for diesel trucks.

The testing methodology employed by MVTS for both applications was rigorous and designed to provide accurate data. Two identically spec'd vehicles ran simultaneously at 65 MPH on a 9-mile circle track near Pecos, Texas. One vehicle remained unchanged throughout testing, while the test vehicle had ConMet’s TruckWings device installed and deployed. This setup allowed for a fair comparison of the efficiency gains.

The efficiency improvements were calculated based on various factors including fuel consumption, aerodynamics, rolling resistance, and driver behavior. MVTS utilized proprietary methods to analyze the data collected by sensors and data recording systems installed in the vehicles.

“These efficiency results are a testament to TruckWings technology and to ConMet's commitment to developing innovative solutions that help fleets achieve greater operational efficiency and cost savings,” says Daniel Burrows, VP and General Manager of TruckWings at ConMet. “ConMet’s 60 years of experience as a trusted solutions provider coupled with advanced TruckWings technology will lead the way in optimizing the performance of heavy-duty trucks.”

TruckWings technology contributes to efficiency improvements by closing the gap between the back of the truck and the front of the trailer, thereby improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle. This reduction in drag translates into substantial fuel savings.

The TruckWings device was created by Burrows’ company, TruckLabs, which was acquired by ConMet in November 2023. This business addition complements ConMet’s dedication to providing OEMs and fleets with innovative solutions to improve freight efficiency.

Source: ConMet

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