Congress Of World And Traditional Religions Ends In Kazakhstan

Congress Of World And Traditional Religions Ends In Kazakhstan: Advocates Mutual Respect, Diversity, Tolerance, Global Peace and Harmony

Congress Of World And Traditional Religions Ends In Kazakhstan: Advocates Mutual Respect, Diversity, Tolerance, Global Peace and Harmony

Astana, Kazakhstan, GREAT Trust News,

Participants attending the fourth Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions that took place here last week, have unanimously agreed that new principles and norms for healthy and well-meaning global interaction can be developed at such spiritual forums.

The two-day event, which was inaugurated by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazabayev on May 30, brought together Muslims and Christians, Jews and Buddhists, besides representatives of Hinduism, Shintoism, and Zoroastrianism.

Over 350 delegates from 40 countries attended the Congress and discussed some of the world's most pressing issues.

President Nazarbayev spoke about global crises of moral values.
"Tolerance, peace and harmony are the things people should strive for. Kazakhstan has long been an example of how to build a dialogue between religions and nationalities, and today every citizen of Kazakhstan has the right to choose where to go - to church, mosque or synagogue... Mutual respect is the main principle of Kazakhstan's society," Nazarbayev said.

Abdullah Bin Abdul Mohsin Al-Turki, Secretary General of the Muslim World League, said: "Peace through dialogue is a noble mission. We, Muslims, understand that the goals pursued by this spiritual forum are aimed at improvement of all world religions. We are grateful to the President of Kazakhstan for his initiative to hold this Congress."

Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, Emeritus President of the Governorate of the Vatican City State, said: "Catholics believe that the world is not only God's gift but is also a human responsibility. The topics we are discussing are very relevant, and I'm happy that I'm taking part in discussions."

On the second day, the delegates discussed two key themes - The role of women in religion and the moral education of young people.
Speakers emphasized that women are active in all social and political processes in the modern era.

Dr Koku Adomdza, President of the GREAT Trust, reflects that "in contemporary times such global inter-faith platforms are rare and uncommon. From this perspective the world conference is incredibly unique. At a time of heightened faith-based hatred, suspicion, animosity and religious persecution, to the degree that scores of believers [children, women, elderly] are being killed in the most devilish and horrendous ways across all continents, this platform is timely and relevant. Higher consciousness i.e. Divine Wisdom would suggest that there is only ONE Supreme God, the Creator of all Humankind, the Universe and Multiverse, the source of precious, priceless, irreplaceable Life, and that He is an embodiment of Diversity.

"And yet, that this central pillar of consciousness is demonstrably elusive to parochial, superficial, extremist mindsets and mentalities is obscene and amoral. The range of diverse issues discussed, driven by the crosscutting themes of interfaith collaboration, mutual respect, peace, tolerance and harmony, stands this international meeting out in exceptionally good stead and GREAT Trust hopes that they percolate and translate into positive outcomes for the majority global citizens. The inspiring deliberations have ended, now the real work begins."

Daisy Khan, the Executive Director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, said: "Women in Islam are getting stronger. They come together and learn to assert their rights."
She also welcomed Muslim women being involved in the interpretation of sacred texts, in order to reveal their true value and meaning.

Ravil Gainutdinov, Chairman, Russian Council of Muftis, said: "We want to secure peace and we want to live in peace and harmony. Being different civilizations, different cultures and different people. We all need a dialogue platform for us to have an opportunity to interact and cooperate."

Gainutdinov praised President Nazarbayev for providing delegates with such a platform to think and discuss ways for building a future without collisions. This, he said, would ensure the creation of a common platform for cooperation between people, cultures and religions.

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