Confucius Hometown Shandong Province Garners Attention With New Multi-Language Social Media Matrix

"Friendly Shandong", a multi-language social media matrix of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok, has garnered wide attention and a large number of followers since its revision in June 2022, according to the Culture and Tourism Department of East China's Shandong Province. 

Shandong Province, known as the hometown of famous Chinese philosopher Confucius (551 B.C.—479 B.C.), has taken lead in promoting tourism and culture overseas via its nine social media accounts and pages in languages of English, Japanese, Korean and traditional Chinese.

By meshing snapshots of modern Shandong with the province's profound historical heritage, traditional cultural treasures, and picturesque natural scenery, "Friendly Shandong" has helped overseas audiences know more about Shandong, attracted major overseas tourism source markets, and also reinforced the local culture and tourism development.

"Friendly Shandong" Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube social media accounts had over 1.4 million followers, with over 13.7 million impressions achieved by the end of this September. 

From June to September, "Friendly Shandong" attracted more overseas audiences and followers with over 700 posts released. Among them, "#AlongtheYellowRiverLeadingtotheSea" and "CanalinShandong" received one million and 3.17 million impressions, respectively. With 206,000 impressions on Twitter alone, "Dezhou Braised Chicken" boasted the largest number of impressions with a single post. 

Among them, a single picture-text story Facebook post, depicting the Tai'an section of the world's oldest and longest canal, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, has reached more than 1.59 million audiences and received thousands of "thumbs-up" and favorable comments.

As such, the provincial culture and tourism department made the "Friendly Shandong" social media matrix complete by launching YouTube and TikTok accounts, adding Japanese, Korean, and traditional Chinese pages on Facebook, as well as English and Korean on Instagram. 

By collaborating with social media accounts owned by its peers both at home and abroad, "Friendly Shandong" has enhanced its global influence, boosted its publicity effects, gained more followers, and attracted many official accounts to follow, including the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, the Consulate General in Lyon, and the Chinese and oversea media.

This eastern province has achieved significant improvement in its social media comprehensive communication capability building, according to the new media international communication capability index report of Chinese provincial-level culture and tourism development.

"Friendly Shandong" introduced Shandong's most representative cultural symbols and tourism resources that showcase its hospitality. Creative posts were also released for special occasions, the Western and Chinese traditional festivals, such as World Architecture Day, World Emoji Day, and International Day of Friendship, and received over 10,000 likes from overseas followers.

This social media matrix, with pictures and videos of different languages, told vivid stories such as getting to know Shandong, exploring Shandong, Shandong culture, traveling in Shandong, Shandong performing arts, the impression of Shandong, and Shandong cultural travel information, accompanied by real-time publicity activities. 

"Friendly Shandong" narrated stories of Shandong with great beauty and exquisite details. The Shandong Cools Facts with five episodes already released, introduced fun facts about the culture and history of Shandong. The two programs of Confucius Classroom and Shandong Dialects aimed to help overseas followers know about the Analects and Shandong Dialects. The 24 solar terms, inspired by Chinese traditional cultural heritage, also took the stage at "Friendly Shandong" with their artistic expressions.

The Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism will continue to provide intriguing and high-quality social media content to fully satisfy the audience at home and overseas, display Shandong's cultural heritage and tourism resources, and tell stories with its unique characteristics, in a way for the overseas audience to comprehend easily. 

Contact person:

Sasa Guan 


Source: Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism