Confection & Echelon DS Partner to Build an AI-Driven, Server-Side Identity Resolution System

The system combines data solutions and privacy first to build better data for the martech and adtech industries

Quimby Melton

The teams at Echelon DS, a full-service data solutions provider, and Confection, a privacy-first data generation solution, see the pivot to privacy-first as a prime opportunity to dream bigger and build better data for the martech and adtech industries.

David Ruddel, Machine Learning Expert at Echelon DS, explains the issue they and Confection are tackling: "Traditional identity resolution techniques rely on fragile, easily-interrupted data sources like IP addresses, cookies, and cross-domain scripts. That's the technical challenge. Socially and culturally, we also see an increased interest in data protection rights. For both of these reasons, we see traditional means of resolving identities being steadily depreciated."

As front-end identity resolution solutions become increasingly inefficient, server-side products like Confection have incredible growth potential in the coming years, especially as Google begins to phase out third-party cookie support in 2023. This gives Confection customers access to both granular and lead-level details for B2B ABM campaigns. The nuances of Confection's AI-driven model account for the complexities of changing consumer attitudes and interests, as well as the high standards set by the new privacy-first world.

"To adequately model the complexities of the human experience," Quimby Melton, CEO of Confection, says, "we need multi-layered 'quantum' identity resolution techniques. Working as partners, Echelon DS is helping us build a malleable, evolution-enabled identity model based on real-time preferences and actions, sudden changes in consumption velocity."

Since Confection was founded, Echelon DS has been by their side to develop these AI-driven technologies and find the ideal product-market fit in a wildly changing martech industry. Through months of R&D, they were able to develop a novel technology that is poised to solve the data crisis many marketers, advertisers, and application developers are experiencing firsthand.

By reinventing traditional identity resolution models, Confection helps customers minimize client-side disruptions and build targeted, well-rounded, privacy-respecting marketing campaigns. Together, Confection and Echelon DS are reinventing the standard for identity resolution in a way that's good for marketers, brands, and people alike.

About Confection: 
Confection is a new kind of product: a data generator for the privacy-first world.

We use an innovative architecture to collect, store, and distribute data, one that's unaffected by client-side disruptions involving cookies, cross-domain scripts, and device IDs. Confection is also compliant with global privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD, so it's good for people too.

And it integrates with the apps businesses and developers already use. There's no need to switch systems. Just plug in, power up, and keep your marketing partnerships running strong.

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