Concordia University Illustrates How to Hire Each Generation

Concordia University

There are different attitudes and personas of job seekers. The understanding of these personas would help a human resource manager to know how to attract and retain these types of employment-seeking people according to their organizational needs. After an extensive survey, profiling, and categorization of the labor force, Concordia University categorized them into generations so that HRMs can know how to hire each generation of job seekers.

Baby Boomers: This generation includes those born between 1946 and 1964. They are loyal, self-motivated towards work and ambitious. They also prefer to have new work experiences, rather than a boring form of iterative work processes.

Generation X: They are the ones born between 1965 and 1980, and they have a balanced life, want entrepreneurial adventure and are more self-reliant. They prefer to be autonomous and meritocratic. Their ability to work is often motivated by having flexibility with obligations. About 30 percent of this generation believes in the potency of technology. They prefer email as a mode of official meetings and conversation.

Generation Y (Millenials): Born between 1981 and 1995, this set of individuals is avid and always inquisitive by nature and intrigued by responsibility. Hence, they are stirred to work by a sense of commitment towards responsibility. They prefer email as a mode of communication.

Generation Z (also known as post-Millenials): These ones were born after 1996 and are often young, explorative and innovative. They prefer a flexible work structure and are very transparent. They are more particular about gathering educational experiences that will help them build their careers. They prefer to hold conversations over chats than they would over calls.

Generation Alpha: This is the newest generation alive today. They are the children of Generation Y, growing in numbers at a very fast pace. Though young, and many of them are yet to be born, this generation will enjoy the greatest amount of wealth in data, resources and materials that humanity has ever gathered. They are dynamic and equipped, with a precise education. These ones are growing into an advanced world of digital and technological relevancies.

The categorizations above, according to the institution, will enable employers to know how to hire and provide good working conditions for their target generation of employees. They would also know how to make them work to their capacities and how to best motivate them. Considering the most active demographics of individuals in the labor market, Generation X and Generation Y are easier to reach, to campaign to and to retain through social media. It is where their focus lies at this time.

Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of employee training as a key to productivity and enhanced brand awareness. This emphasis on training was backed by a statistical analysis, stating that 50% and 63% of Generation Y and Baby Boomers have a limited understanding of their organization’s identity and brand. Whereas only 56% of Generation X has an adequate understanding of their organization’s brand. Concordia University submits the most important highlight: the first step towards getting personal knowledge and skills in human resources is knowing how to hire each generation.

Source: Concordia University


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