Computer Lab Solutions Releases Updates and Fixes for the Current Version of LabStats

Computer Lab Solutions has recently released a Support Bulletin with announcements on upgrades, enhancements, and bug fixes for the current version of LabStats.

Computer Lab Solutions has recently released a Support Bulletin detailing enhancements, bug fixes, and upgrades for the current version of LabStats, 4.4.7. Also included in the Support Bulletin is helpful information on database maintenance and changes to Snow Leopard when used with LabStats. These updates help lab managers to use LabStats more efficiently and effectively.

Enhancements to LabStats 4.4.7 include an optimized Firebird configuration allowing better database performance and speed, and an upgrade to Firebird Additional database indices were added to improve performance, and a repair page was added to repair database issues at http://yourLabStatsURL/admin/repair.jsp.

Bug fixes include: JuicePress will now allow additions to the schedule and will no longer report zero usage, and JuicePress reports will now take a shorter time to load. Usage History now reports to more than just the first lab selected, and the Usage History Lab Comparison Report now functions as expected.

The new verion of LabStats can be downloaded at: Take note that during the upgrade process, LabStats will be become temporarily unavailable. Computer Lab Solutions recommends that users do not restart their server or services during the upgrade process. If LabStats remains unavailable for a significant amount of time, please contact the Computer Lab Solutions Support Team.

Computer Lab Solutions also recommends that users perform a frequent backup and restore of their databases. If done regularly, this will help to keep LabStats running smoothly. A backup and restore should be performed every 4-6 months. The steps for performing a backup and restore can be found in the Computer Lab Solutions Support Center at Regular Database Maintenance For a Healthy Database:,2.

Also of note are some changes made to the Snow Leopard architecture that cause the LabStats client to believe that users never log off. Computer Lab Solutions has provided a workaround that should solve these problems until LabStats 5 is released. A step-by-step guide for this solution can be found in the Computer Lab Solutions Support Center at Inaccurate Login Stats on Snow Leopard:,2.

For any questions or concerns regarding the new Support Bulletin, please visit