Comprehensive Divorce Mediation Brings Transparent Pricing to New Jersey

With a mission to provide cost-effective and dignified ways to help spouses through divorce, John built the Comprehensive Divorce Mediation process to encourage and facilitate resolutions to disputes between divorcing spouses. Comprehensive Divorce Mediation works with couples to identify issues that need to be addressed including parenting time, child and spousal support, equitable distribution of assets, allocation of tax benefits, and other issues that divorcing couples face. John is passionate about providing a cost-effective solution to contentious divorces cases where clients traditionally spend tens of thousands of dollars to litigate their divorce.  He believes that divorce doesn’t have to be ugly and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Unlike divorce attorneys who charge unpredictable hourly fees, Comprehensive Divorce Mediation offers a transparent pricing policy with no hidden charges. They offer four standard divorce packages at reasonable rates based on the nature of the marital relationship. They can also create custom packages for any unique situation. Whether it’s providing alternative dispute resolution services or eliminating the uncertainty and expense of litigation, these offerings by Comprehensive Divorce Mediation have raised the bar in the world of divorce litigation and conflict resolution.

John Barone, the Founder and Lead Mediator, had this say, “There are many misconceptions about divorce and I take great pride in making sure that people leave divorce mediation with the information they need to make reasonable, educated decisions for their future. I’m very proud of the process that we’ve created. There is nothing better than seeing a divorcing couple walk out the door with an agreement that is fair and complete. I love educating people on the financials of divorce because important decisions need to be made with information, not emotions. Our transparent pricing is really what sets us apart. I’ve looked closely at the divorce market in New Jersey and there is this cloud of complexity in the way that legal professionals price their services. You never really know what you are paying for and you never really know the true cost until you get your final bill. Comprehensive Divorce Mediation is committed to giving our clients a true value. We even offer a special guarantee to protect our clients in case they discover that mediation is not right for them.”

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