Compass Mortgage, Inc. Announces Scholarship Winners

Compass Mortgage is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 “Grands for Grads” Scholarship: Andrew Bitner, Anna James, Jared Osborne, Kellie Wiersema, Michael Doranski, and Nick Hall-Skank. For the second year in a row, Compass Mortgage has given back to its community in appreciation of their clients, friends, and families by giving away six- $5,000 scholarships.

“Here at Compass Mortgage, we strive to be a part of our community and enjoy helping others in any way we can. With this scholarship, we wanted to help those with college aspirations and reach out to the youth in our community,” explained Dan Graham, CEO of Compass Mortgage.

Added Blake DeYoung, Marketing Director of Compass: “It was such a thrill to watch these kids’ faces as we told them they had won the scholarship. There is nothing that can duplicate the sheer joy that emulated from them that day.”

Applicants were tasked in writing an essay about how their lives emulate Compass’ core values: Integrity, Excellence, and Infinite Worth.  After much deliberation over hundred of essays, the winners were video-conferenced to be informed of the good news.

Scholarship recipient Michael Doranski, a sophomore at Indiana State University, explained that “winning this scholarship does so much more than you could imagine. My family had a little bit of trouble paying for school, and I’m paying a lot of it out of my own pocket, so this helps me focus more on school and less on worrying about finances.”

Anna James, another winner, expressed excitedly that “I am one of five kids, so I have to work multiple jobs during the summer and during the school year to pay for college, so this opens a lot of doors for me to focus on my studies because now I won’t have to work as many jobs!”

Compass Mortgage holds this scholarship in the early Spring and announces the winners in June.  Recipients must be Seniors in high school or going to Junior College, or a 4-year accredited College. 
Eager to watch the recipients’ reactions, find out more info, or hear about other ways Compass gives back to its community? Visit or email

Source: Compass Mortgage, Inc.

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