CompanyBox and Spring-Fill: An Eco-Friendly Collaboration

CompanyBox announces a collaboration with Spring-Fill Industries, LLC to expand its environmentally conscious offerings

CompanyBox and Spring-Fill LLC

CompanyBox, a North Carolina based web-to-print packaging company’s mission is to make custom packaging available to everyone. To do so, CompanyBox decided to diversify its product offering to include crinkle paper filler, normally only available in bulk quantities. Spring-Fill Industries, LLC is the ideal partner to bridge that gap and help CompanyBox forge a one-stop shop to maximize the customer’s bottom line. 

Started in 1993, Spring-Fill Industries, LLC is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise that began in an effort to create an eco-friendly packaging alternative to Styrofoam peanuts. Spring-Fill produces Crinkle CutTM shreds with recycled, biodegradable paper to protect and enhance products in shipping or display. The signature shape gives cushioning volume to packaged products while adding color and interest. 

“We’re very excited about our collaboration with Spring-Fill because we’re both equally committed to sustainable packaging options,” explains Louie DeJesus, owner and CEO of CompanyBox. “This is a perfect fit for our customers as well. Our aim is to democratize custom packaging and we know Spring-Fill has an amazing product to go into each package.” 

Jane Skalmoski, President and CEO of Spring-Fill Industries, added, “Spring-Fill is thrilled to work with CompanyBox because we share the same mission. With the explosion of online shopping, responsible packaging that is eco-friendly and environmentally safe is essential. As stewards of the environment, paper packaging is a must." 

Many of Spring-Fill's products are now available through CompanyBox by phone or email and will be on its website by late fall. 

Kyle DeJesus, CompanyBox President, added, "The Spring-Fill family culture is a perfect fit with our team at CompanyBox. We’re looking forward to offering the best corrugated products available in tandem with the best paper filler out there - all while helping our customers save on shipping.” 

About CompanyBox 

Minority-owned, CompanyBox was formed in 2014 by Louie DeJesus and his family. A company that believes in the power of branded packaging, its mission is to set a new standard for print, with cutting-edge technology and packaging products that allow companies to elevate their presentation in the e-commerce and retail industries. For more information about CompanyBox, visit

About Spring-Fill Industries 

Women and family owned, Spring-Fill Industries, LLC is the largest in-stock, decorative shred manufacturer in the United States. Using recycled paper content, they design and produce both Crinkle Cut™ and VeryFine™ shreds in a variety of colors and blends that are sold in large bulk cartons and multi-sized consumer retail bags. Shipped from its production facility in suburban Chicago, Illinois, Spring-Fill provides year-round, rapid order fulfillment. Visit

For additional information about CompanyBox, please contact: 

Cara Walters, Marketing Lead, CompanyBox 

For information on Spring-Fill, please contact: 

Jane Skalmoski, CEO, Spring-Fill Industries 

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