Company Prioritizes Employee Health Through Fitness and Wellness Challenges

Fusion Medical Staffing continues to put an emphasis on health and wellness among its employees through team challenges and programs.

Fusion Medical Staffing

Omaha-based company Fusion Medical Staffing is making sure its employees are healthy in every way through workplace wellness initiatives. 

The company recently wrapped up a weight-loss competition where 45 people participated to track their journey. In the end, 240 pounds were lost over four months among the 19 who stuck it out. The winner took home a cash prize of $675 and lost 17.2% of their body weight. 

Employees have several tools available that help them live healthier lives, including a gym at the corporate office with a personal trainer on staff, healthy snacks stocked in the office kitchens, and competitions that encourage getting active and drinking water.

"Employee health should be the main priority for companies," said Tyler Ely, Fusion's corporate personal trainer. "Their physical and mental wellbeing is directly linked to their job performance and satisfaction. Having a work environment that supports healthy employee habits and encourages personal development leads to a stronger culture and more fulfillment in its employees."

Fusion puts an emphasis on mental and physical health each month by holding team challenges. So far in 2022, the company has held a Whole30 diet challenge, mammography screenings, and hydration challenges. Fusion provides all employees with a subscription to Headspace, the mental health and meditation app for all employees. The current challenge encourages mindfulness and the use of the app throughout the week.

"Weight-loss programs and other wellness challenges help encourage people to make a change in their lives and strengthen their willpower," Ely said. "Participating and completing these challenges strengthens the mind just as much as the body, and that shows up when challenges arise in other areas of their lives."

Fusion is currently looking for more employees to join the team. To learn more about open positions, go to 

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