Companies & Nonprofits Finding a New Way to Connect on Giving Tuesday

Some Hawaii companies are jumping on the chance to work with GIVESPACE this coming Giving Tuesday, including Meli Wraps, Shaka Guide, Kapa Nui, Hawaii Nature Center, Teach for America Hawaii, Project Hawaii, Hana Cultural Center, Ke Ao Halii, Breast Cancer Hawaii and Kipahulu Ohana. GIVESPACE is an easy, online way for companies and nonprofits to put the power of designating donations in the hands of their customers and supporters. 

The software platform saves time and expense by allowing businesses and nonprofits to create different campaigns depending on need and seasonality, track donations on a live dashboard, enable in-cart application, set up email marketing, display live stats, and automate tax-deductible receipts.  

"This technology lets you connect directly with your customer to support a cause that's important to them and you, fostering brand loyalty," notes GIVESPACE co-founder, Candice Dietz. 

"This is also a way for corporations to partner with their customers as a segment of their corporate social responsibility initiatives, adding additional transparency and leading the way to make direct impacts on their communities," she adds.

"As a local company, we feel a real responsibility to give back to local nonprofits. Hawaii is unique in that, at the end of the day, we are all one ohana that cares deeply about each other. These nonprofit organizations are vital to enriching people's lives, whether through nourishment, conservation, or historic preservation, and we want to do whatever we can to support," says Andrew Fowers co-founder, Shaka Guide.

"Meli Wraps was created out of the awareness that we need to reduce plastic waste and keep plastics out of our oceans. Partnering with and donating to organizations that help keep our oceans and coastlines clean is essential to the Meli Wraps ethos," adds Melia Foster, co-founder, Meli Wraps.

According to a Clutch Report study, 86 percent of customers believe in shifting buying habits to brands that support a cause as one of their everyday conscious decisions. The Case Foundation's Millennial Impact Report, an annual survey of at least 3,000 millennials, indicates that  90 percent of millennials say they're driven to donate because of a "compelling mission or cause" and 86 percent believe their actions can impact the world. 

A Cane Communications study reports that 91 percent of millennials believe companies must help with social and environmental issues, and 85 percent of consumers will switch to brands that are associated with a cause that matters to them.

In 2020, individual donations in the United States totaled $309 billion. 

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Source: GIVESPACE, Inc.