Community Org Kicks Off Conquer Diseases Movement

The Life ProLong Center, a community well-being-oriented organization, officially kicked off its "Conquer Diseases" event in June 2022.

Since the World Health Organization announced its decision to categorize the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic in 2020, the world has gone through an abrupt and long lasting chaos. The effects of the pandemic were devastating - it ripped families apart and put the world economy in standstill. Over six million people have lost their lives, and there are many who have contracted the virus who are still suffering from the effects of long Covid or post-COVID conditions. With no discernable end in sight - and co-existence with the virus seemingly the only option - the pandemic has and will be a generational challenge.

The Life ProLong Centers worldwide aim to alleviate these difficulties and is seeking to help by providing financial support to 10,000 people who are suffering from post-COVID conditions and an additional 1000 for those suffering from serious illnesses. Those who are affected and require financial support can go to their local Life ProLong Centers to request more information as well as sign up for the assistance.

The Life ProLong Center is an affiliate of the American Gene Engineer Corp that serves communities and families worldwide by providing assistance and access to public health resources and information. 


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Source: Life ProLong Center