Community of Excellence: Global Aerospace Announces the 2016 SM4 Safety Program

Clients Offered a Wide Range of World-class Safety Resources and Direct Services

Global Aerospace Inc., a leading provider of aerospace insurance, is pleased to announce Community of Excellence, the 2016 SM4 Safety Program. The refreshed SM4 Program will offer exciting new initiatives to all of its clients and the entire aviation industry. Since launching the SM4 program in 2010, the company’s financial investment and educational support of aviation safety has totaled more than $3 million. With a vested interest in helping its clients pursue higher levels of safety, the company reaffirms its commitment to this program. The Community of Excellence partners and subject matter experts have updated the SM4 program to make it more visible and provide easy access to the many benefits it provides.

The Community of Excellence provides three levels of service:

"We are committed to ensuring SM4 remains a vital resource for our clients and the industry we support."

Marilena Sharpell, Senior Vice President, Underwriting & Operations Executive

·        Level 1 – Complimentary Industry Resources

·        Level 2 – Global Aerospace Client Services

·        Level 3 – Global Aerospace Vista Elite Services

The most significant change to the program is the offering of direct safety support services to the company’s entire client base. All Global Aerospace clients are now eligible to take advantage of one direct service per policy year at no cost. The Global underwriting team will work closely with clients and their safety management teams to review the robust service options. The SM4 Program will continue to provide Vista Elite clients with an exclusive series of safety support services. In addition, under Community of Excellence, Vista Elite clients are also eligible for one free Level 2 direct service.

The SM4 Community of Excellence is supported by the following partners and subject matter experts:

·     Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International, LLC: Risk management and regulatory compliance consulting

·     Baldwin Aviation: Safety management programs and support services

·     Calspan Aerospace: Upset recovery training

·     Convergent Performance: Human factors training and advisors

·     Gray Stone Advisors: Operational assessments and business aviation consulting

·     Fireside Partners Inc.: Emergency response programs and family assistance support

·     MedAire, Inc.: Integrated medical, security and travel assistance 

·     Unmanned Safety Institute: Safety education and training for unmanned aircraft systems

SM4 is a continuously evolving program that aviation professionals can utilize to develop and improve their safety efforts. SM4 resources can be accessed through the website resource library, aviation safety e-newsletter and various safety initiatives to be announced throughout 2016. Additionally, throughout 2016 we will be adding enhanced media to the website to include complimentary safety podcasts and training videos.

Marilena Sharpell, Senior Vice President, Underwriting & Operations Executive, commented, “We are committed to ensuring SM4 remains a vital resource for our clients and the industry we support. This release of Community of Excellence is Part One of a two year continuous improvement plan. We are excited about this release and plans are well underway for the launch of Part Two in 2017.”