Communications Framework That Helps Small Businesses Succeed Available in Grand Rapids through Website Design Agency, Fresh Coast Creative

Connecting with customers online has become essential for businesses, but cutting through the noise of digital marketing is a difficult task that often results in wasted marketing budgets. That's where storytelling comes in. When business leaders leverage a simple storytelling framework to create marketing messages that their target audience cares about, they can stand out and win more business.

Sonja Jobson, Owner at Fresh Coast Creative

Digital marketing and communication have never been more important. Over the past few years, businesses have learned that a strong online presence and sales funnel can mean the difference between success and failure as increasingly more transactions, interactions and consumer research happens online.

But creating the kind of communication that cuts through the noise of our digital world and captures attention is a tough task, and businesses spend millions of dollars each year on marketing messages that their audiences just don't care about, resulting in failed campaigns and wasted marketing budgets. For small businesses working with limited resources and a desperate need for a steady stream of customers, this is discouraging.

That's where the long-standing art of storytelling comes in. It's the hidden formula that blockbuster films and bestselling novels leverage to captivate audiences of millions, and it's a formula that businesses can leverage as well to transform their marketing from something that's ignored, to something that ignites their business growth.

While storytelling may be considered an art in films and novels, its effectiveness for businesses comes down to a simple framework that can turn muddled, uninteresting business information into a compelling story that instantly connects a brand with its customers and drives sales.

StoryBrand, a framework developed by renowned author, public speaker, and entrepreneur Donald Miller, uses storytelling to do just that. Thousands of businesses across the world have used the StoryBrand messaging framework to drastically increase the success of their marketing efforts. Now, that framework is available to business owners in Grand Rapids through Fresh Coast Creative, a marketing agency that helps business owners launch a lead-generating website that fuels their sales.

"Creating a clear, interesting story about your products and services is the most important piece of the marketing puzzle. If you have a story your customers care about, you'll win more business and your company will grow," says Fresh Coast Creative owner, Sonja Jobson, who is a Grand Rapids-based StoryBrand Certified Guide.

"We've been following the StoryBrand framework and implementing it for our clients since 2019 and have been impressed with the results it delivers. We're excited to renew our certification again in 2022 so we can continue to help small businesses grow and thrive."

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