Communication Coach Launches Influential Women in Politics Research Study

Stephana Johnson Communication Coach and host of Stephana Speaks, interviews Influential Women including WA Rep Sharon Wylie and WA Candidate for 18th District Maureen Winningham for a research study on women in leadership roles.

Stephana Johnson interviews women in politics for a private research study on influential women which will air on Women Information Network eTV as well as Portland Metro Community Media TV. The results of this study will be published along with the series of interviews following the campaign process for women in politics for the 2014 elections.

Johnson's show, Stephana Speaks is an interview and educational program empowering women to stand up and be heard. Stephana Johnson, a Communication Coach specializing in helping influential women and women up to great things, confidently communicate their message so they can increase their exposure and grow their business is the founder of Stephana Enterprises, Inc. a not for profit women's empowerment organization.

Johnson, who has been acting since the age of 12 is no stranger to the spotlight. She left for New York at 16 and while pursuing her acting dream studied counseling and became a certified coach. "I've always had a desire to help people and I consider myself a women's empowerment advocate...too much of the time we are holding ourselves back, from my personal journey I know the pain of not expressing your authentic voice especially when you have something that needs to be heard" says Johnson.

Johnson interviews WA State Representative Sharon Wylie and Maureen Winningham in the first series of interviews. "Lack of confidence, fear and what we know as the "imposter syndrome" is what comes up over and over in the interviews with these influential women. But they had an over riding desire to see change and knew in order to make that change they would have to step up and just do it." says Johnson.

"Stephana is a great interviewer. I enjoyed our time" says WA State Rep Sharon Wylie who discusses her personal history of domestic violence and how she over came what could have been tragedy by advocating for others. Ms.Wylie also shares insight on breaking through the barrier of the feminine stigma of using power versus force.

The interviews can be see at and new interviews will continue to be shared throughout the 2014 election season.

Stephana Johnson can be reached via or phone 360-936-3374

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