Commissioner Bryan Cohn to Take on Frank Sossamon in NC House District 32

Democrat Bryan Cohn is challenging Frank Sossamon for the newly re-drawn NC House District 32

Commissioner, Bryan Cohn

Bryan Cohn, a dedicated husband, father, City Commissioner, food & agricultural manufacturing, and software industry professional, has officially announced his candidacy for the North Carolina House of Representatives, District 32. With a platform focused on transformative changes in public education, healthcare affordability, robust infrastructure development, and women's reproductive freedoms, Commissioner Cohn is committed to advocating for the needs and values of all constituents in District 32.

"Our community deserves a representative who understands our challenges and has the commitment and innovative ideas to address them," said Cohn. "I am running to ensure that every voice in District 32 is heard and every family has the opportunity to thrive."

Key issues in Cohn's campaign include:

  • Reproductive Freedom: Advocate for a North Carolina constitutional amendment protecting reproductive freedoms and women's right to choose. 
  • Rebuilding Public Education: Commitment to increasing funding for public schools, reducing class sizes, and supporting teachers. Cohn strongly opposes private school voucher programs, emphasizing the importance of a strong and equitable public education system.
  • Enhancing Transportation and Infrastructure: Plans to modernize public transit, improve road and highway maintenance, and invest in sustainable and resilient infrastructure, ensuring District 32 remains a vibrant and accessible community.

"Our district's potential is limitless, but we need leadership that can unlock this potential through sensible and forward-thinking policies," Cohn added. "I promise to be that leader, to listen to you, learn from you, and fight for you."

Commissioner Bryan Cohn's campaign is built on the principles of inclusivity, transparency, and progress. Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, Cohn is dedicated to bringing positive changes to District 32 and the state of North Carolina.

Source: Commissioner, Bryan Cohn

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