Commercial Drones Market to Proliferate in Next 5 Years

Analyst at BIS Research explains the future for drones market in next 5 years.

Commercial and civil sector applications have created tremendous opportunities for drone manufacturers and solution providers. Nowadays, the drone industry is on the path of rapid development as Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is granting exemptions to several manufacturers for testing their drones. It has been recorded that FAA has approved more than 1,000 commercial drone applications from companies in a quest to operate commercial drones. According to Association of Unmanned Systems International (AUVSI) general aerial surveying and general aerial photography are the major applications for which FAA has granted maximum exemptions; besides, agricultural application of drones has also received a considerable number of exemptions followed by the above two applications (general aerial surveying and general aerial photography).

Apart from the applications such as agriculture, photography, surveillance, mapping, video shooting, and hobby, drones are paving its way in various other commercial applications such as product delivery, internet connectivity, pipeline inspection, mining, surveillance, data collection and analysis, and real-time & high speed data communication, among others. Amongst all these applications, mapping, photography, and agriculture are the most prominently used drones’ applications.

Report by BIS Research, the Global drones market will grow high in the next 5 years.

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The product delivery application of drone is gaining pace in the industry as several big players have entered in the market, including Amazon, Dominos, and Google. For instance, Domino’s Pizza in the U.K. has tested the process of pizza delivery through its Domicopter drone. Moreover, Amazon has been granted permission by FAA to test its “Prime Air” UAV for product delivery within the short distance areas. Facebook aimed at providing wireless internet connection to the remote parts of the world through solar powered drones. This produced positive feedback and further solidified the position of the industry after Facebook declared the acquisition of Titan Aerospace, a solar drone manufacturing start-up solar-drone. The companies together are focusing towards the development of solar drones with high endurance and possessing the capability to stay airborne for five years, acting as movable wireless access points.

With respect to geographies, North America is currently the biggest market for drones with the U.S. accounting for the highest share. Asian countries have a high growth potential in this market and are expected to show maximum sales in next five years. Various European countries including Germany, France, the U.K., and Italy have a huge number of drone manufacturers and solution providers.

DJI Innovations Inc. of China holds the lion’s share in the commercial drones market. The company has recorded $500 million of sale in 2014 and has estimated to have doubled its sales this year. Other key manufacturers include Parrot, 3D robotics, AeroVironment, CyberHawk, PrecisionHawk, SenseFly, and DraganFly, among others.

It can be concluded that the drones market in commercial applications will show a spur of spectacular growth in the near future with an ample number of companies building and expanding their businesses across the drones’ industry.

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