'Comm100Live Plugin' For Better Wordpress, Joomla Customization Is Out!

Live Chat on WordPress and Joomla all set to become the easiest affair through the newly released 'Comm100 Live chat plug-in'.

A plug-in is to WordPress as an accessory is to a car. They are designed and built to smoothen the journey of your website on the World Wide Web. Having them doesn't just take up the visibility of your website, but also equips you with a number of functions to showcase your website efficiently.

And for that very purpose, Comm100, a renowned name in customer service communication solutions domain has hit the market with a Live Chat plug-in. This Plug-in is specifically designed for sites that are Joomla or WordPress Customized. One of the most significant products from the stables of Comm 100, Comm 100 Live Chat could be installed with ease and is targeted towards people who're willing to arm their WP or Joomla websites or blog with live chat.

The organization is a pioneer in the realm of giving improvised communication solutions to firms to address customers better. And as the number of businesses opting for their services touches 193,00 above as we speak, the firm's tremendous growth is apparent. The plugin boasts of an able set of features, welcoming user interface and persistent performance. Employed by over twenty thousand websites already it provides enhanced customer satisfaction and slashed working costs.

Statistics claim that Joomla downloads crossed a staggering 30 million mark by March 2012 and WordPress remains the undisputed winner with over 15% of the world's best websites made on it. Being open source systems, they are an easy choice for developers who carry out WordPress and Joomla customization.

Having first come to light in the year 2009, Comm 100 Live Chat had received a warm response from innumerable businesses across the world.

Keziah Edwards, an official at the Beach Club Resorts (one of the enterprises that have employed Comm100 plug-in) commented that the Live Chat has soared up their revenues to unprecedented levels. And that equipping their site with Live chat was akin to giving their mute website a voice; which helps in addressing the customer and tracking the progress.

Comm100 had chosen CMSes like WordPress and Joomla since a large number of entrepreneurs today prefer these platforms. And a WordPress Chat Plug-in and Joomla chat module would not only streamline the workings of their commercial web ventures but augment their ROI, commented Amy Gu, Vice President of Comm 100.

Since WP and Joomla are the most prevalent CMSes of the world, the organization has begun with these. In the times to come they plan to rope in other CMSes that are used for eCommerce sites. They're also preparing to incorporate their products along with Customer Relationship Management systems such as Salesforce, SugarCRM as well as social media sites like Facebook, to address the needs of their customers.

About Comm100
Comm 100's gamut of communication solutions include Email Marketing, Live Chat, Forum, Support Ticket, Knowledge Base and Help Desk. The organization had been providing an edge to enterprises through offering them effective mediums to provide support through their websites.