Coming This Fall: New Home Décor Brand Blue Loom Launches Their E-Commerce Website

It Begins Here

Blue Loom Launch

In light of the past year, it's clear how important the comfort of our own home can be. That's why Blue Loom is going to give people the tools to create a sanctuary that will reflect both their style and personality. The East Coast-based home textile brand will offer timeless and original goods for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and table.

Blue Loom understands that inspiration is everywhere and hopes to never miss a moment. The design team interprets their own unique life experiences and creates goods that have true character. With a focus on artistry, process and originality, Blue Loom strives to fit effortlessly into your life. Launching online October 4, 2021, Blue Loom will begin its journey into homes everywhere.

The current landscape of home décor retailers seems endless. Blue Loom brings something special: unique, exclusive designs and materials at a price that only comes from working directly with manufacturers, not distributors. The design team forecasts trends globally through their own network, while finding inspiration from within and paying special attention to goods that they'd buy for their own homes. Blue Loom does not simply offer the same brands and styles found everywhere else; they design their own.

Follow along on social media @blueloomhome and visit starting October 4, 2021 to explore their debut collections.  

About Blue Loom: 

Through artistry, process and originality, Blue Loom introduces style and personality at a tremendous value. The in-house design team interprets their own unique life experiences to create goods that have true character. Blue Loom will offer featured basics as well as seasonally fresh textiles for the whole home. Their designers curate exciting and beautiful seasonal collections with exclusive designs. 

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Source: Blue Loom